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svdgrl Aug 2018
I couldn't tell you at the time.
You were trying hard to drive.
The rain made our vision mauve,
but somehow you got me home, safe.
You are always, the sweetest thing.
Even when its bright and early,
and you're at your crankiest, you try
to remind me how much I'm
the one you hate the least.
But eventually, you might.

I couldn't tell you at the time,
we were listening to Frank.
The rain invaded every line,
but I sang to it the same.
And when it became severe,
you held my fingers and you steered.
We looked closer than eyelids,
Center console, kept us divided,
You told me it'd be alright.
while we listened to "Nights."
White Phoenix Jun 2018
I am slave
I am addiction
open my pages
Find a clear lack of clarity, apparently.
find the words of obscurity,
that kept ME,
feeling absurd / lacking purity.
Words that helped me hold you down
Hold me down
Consuming and reusing and expelling in a town
Where we have no choice but to be ourselves
Ourself as seemed reflected on a screen
Our|a|self we might through dedication gain applause for
But not ourself, the one our eye’s never see.
Even our own eyes.
A self i/u/we buried.
To seem I was special and lacked- |non|?-absurdity.
Dougie Simps Feb 2017
She...she sets the mood with her thigh high dress
She...she sets the tone with her mind on ***
But she thinks "resist"... for confusion, confusion sets in when lust becomes stronger than love.. oh, has lust become stronger than us?

For I...
I...have fallen for you
You have become my addiction..oh..
Have my heart in your conviction,
Lock me up...
Throw away the key,
A prisoner in your inconsistency...

For has lust become stronger than love...
Has lust become stronger than us?
I don't know...don't ask me if I care
Addicted to your eyes, please don't stop with your stares
Blood drippin down the stairs, from something shattered.
Buzzed off the mixture - of emotions and disaster.

Alone, alone in my room - oh
Where you set the, set the tone
With your ***, with your mind
Only question is this time...
Did lust become stronger than love?
How did we forget...did we forget about us?
You can't choose who you love - which is true but it doesn't mean that it's good.
svdgrl Jul 2014
Someday I will meet you-
and probably be sadly disappointed.
boat spillage
Katlego Tladi Jun 2014
Every piece of pride,
Pivoting on the pinnacle of pleasure,
Perishing on the petals of a rose,
Pink rose.
Spring rose.
Sprung rose.
A perverted willingness to pursue,
The spoils of what matters most,
pink matter.
Outshone a impossibly beautiful performance.
One meant for the faithful & virtuous.
Dougie Simps May 2014
(Drink pouring) eyes close...
I feel...I feel something close, something I adore most,
Buttermilk soft skin
Lips that taste like sin
Slow idea where they've been.
Hold up, *(piano)

Let my notes serenade your brain
Create the melody for your sensation
Watch my slow riffs penetrate your veins
Said "your music's my drug"
As I play this sweet novacane
Extra dosages of my verses for the pain
A hook that leaves the body drained


Repetition creates a dullness of ones perception
Changed the notes to help this ****** aggression
Synced it up so well
Baby, we so in tune
Nothing is better than making a love song
Nothing is better than making the perfect song with you.
Musical sensations

— The End —