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Poetic T Aug 2018
Woven patches of grey,
hues slow in momentum.
Tattered gaps letting through
              gleams of radiance.

But in motion do the faults
get sewn in silver linings.
And this blanket  
             mesmerising below.

Then the lonely flower opens
       its petals, reaching towards
the patch work of loving greys
                 yearning for a touch.

A singular drop falls, taking its
                   time to meet below.
So far has it descended to gently
              caress her wilting petals.

Replenished dew drops hang from
                         now pristine colours.
It waves in the subtle breeze,
      swaying in a dance of gratitude.
its amazing what a little kindness can give to others.
Mia Taljaard May 2018
The icy cold of a raindrop
rolled down my neck- it came from atop.
Another makes its way into my light colored hair,
and another splashes on my skin of bare.
The drops start to drip-drop all around,
making a soft tipper-tapper sound.
The small little drops are as gentle as can be  
as I watch them fall into the blue of the sea.
Some go into the ground where they belong
because the flowers have had a thirst for quite too long.
I say "Thank You!" with as much love
to the One who sent it; the Great Man Above.
Robin Mar 2018
I am no longer a raindrop in someone's ocean,
I am now an appalling thunderstorm
who unapologetically demands a second glance.
Dheeraj Mar 2018
From clouds unknown it drains down below,
with lightning so bright and a thunderous blow.
Rolling through mountains and drizzling through trees,
traveling unmanned terrains with the breeze.
To kiss the earth it flows and falls,
A little drop of life, enduring the love it walls.
Lyn-Purcell Feb 2018
I often wondered how it would feel
to be a rain drop.
To fall from the Heavens, onto the Earth.
To wash over everything so they will
come again new.
I often what it would be like as a raindrop
to unite with the hearts of those in pain.
So they know that there cannot be
ill will between us.
Once to often when it rains, I look to the
sky and wonder, "what am I looking for?"
Now, I see...
I must turn my pain to power and
unite with the rain...
It's been raining in my mind beside the sunny days.
H Phone Feb 2018
I used to hate rain.
I hate how cold it feels.
I hate how it makes you run for cover,
behind whatever you can find.
I hate how it trickles and burrows where it shouldn’t go,
because even the strongest of mountains
raindrops erode.

But rain has its upsides.
Rain washes away the bad.
Rain is like an artform,
expressing itself against the canvas of the earth.
Rain brings people together,
as they shelter inside cozy houses
and the sound of downpour is drowned by friendly chatter.

I used to hate rain
and I think i still do,
but I miss it too.

And today, as I had my head cast upward
awaiting the saltwater release,
I opened my eyes to a sight of relief.
After years of clear skies
and drought,
I finally saw it again:
a cloud.
Sometimes, inspiration comes from an unexpected corner. Who knew that a video game could well up such feelings within me?
Andre Vrdoljak Jan 2018
A broken wishbone
For a broken wish.
A folded crisp
Found in a dish.

The first raindrop,
A twinkling star,
A sunken penny,
In a land afar.

A single eyelash
To blow away.
A dandelion,
Let come what may.
Bryce Jan 2018
The rain came to California again this week
Suds left rolling in the gutters by travelling machines
Sky the pastel endless grey
A floating roof over my rainy gaze

We retreat a beaten foe to the warmth of fiberglass-houses
Turn on the electric fireplace in cozy winter safety
Collect our harvested thoughts to run streaming down
Windows that cheat the meaning of the rain

Speed limit increases naturally
Fear is present in heavenly droplets
Treads light on wet asphalt
Heightened risk of hydroplane

Had I not known better
It must have been holy water
Awash a world of life-greed beneath

I stepped outside and let it soak
Rushing truck splashed a deluge unto my coat

I play it cool.
Poetic T Sep 2017
A voice is like a raindrop,
       lost in the downpour.

                It is easily washed away.
Star BG Aug 2017
In every drop of rain,
there is a hidden rainbow,
ready to unleash the big one.
The one that covers sky
to bring an aaah to lips.
The bow that opens eyes
as feet do dance.

In every ray of golden sun,
there is a spark,
ready to anoint one who walks.
The sun that burns in sky
to make one show a smile.
The obe thats grand and sacred
even when it rains.
inspired by Alas2
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