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PoeticPresident Mar 2019
There will be tears, he sang

Water disguised blood
flooding at the brim of an eye
Gathering pain and hurt
Inconsistent feelings of nothing-happy

Rivers, streams, lakes,
Waterfalls gushing down
Racing drops dripping down heated cheeks
Then broken with shallow coldness
Aches reaching in between cracked skin

Dead rose petals
Falling away from thorn burst stems
Crisp at the tips,
Light in weight until gathered heavily
at the palm of a weak hand
Stained with the mark of blood lines at a wrist
Deranged and shaking while hopelessly gazing
at the happiness laid in a deathbed before you

Sinking teardrops moistening jean pockets
Drip, drip
Another drop
Falling off a water bruised face
icantbearmyself Jun 2018
with him
was just
a few tiny

with you
it is the

a gentle wave
leaving no harm
to my world
K Balachandran Sep 2016
On an opulent curved dome
Of a proud white mushroom
An enigmatic, clear, single drop
Well formed, eager, quietly sit.

Wonder what and what it is up to now-
A tear drop shed in pain by a lonely fairy,
Or a stray drop of untimely rain, futile,
A memory lapse,a cloud somehow had?

What if it's a disillusioned universe,
Willfully collapsed,due to it's own weight,
Reduced to a miniature and still in flux,
Wanting to see a new dream altogether!

Sitting like a king on his throne, it reflects,
The limitless sky on it's upturned single  eye!

Waiting perhaps for the rising purple morning sun
to give an offer, to evaporate and be back in the cycle.

— The End —