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PoeticPresident Mar 2019
There will be tears, he sang

Water disguised blood
flooding at the brim of an eye
Gathering pain and hurt
Inconsistent feelings of nothing-happy

Rivers, streams, lakes,
Waterfalls gushing down
Racing drops dripping down heated cheeks
Then broken with shallow coldness
Aches reaching in between cracked skin

Dead rose petals
Falling away from thorn burst stems
Crisp at the tips,
Light in weight until gathered heavily
at the palm of a weak hand
Stained with the mark of blood lines at a wrist
Deranged and shaking while hopelessly gazing
at the happiness laid in a deathbed before you

Sinking teardrops moistening jean pockets
Drip, drip
Another drop
Falling off a water bruised face
Poetic T Dec 2018
Within every droplet was the
                      sweat of arousal.
Each kiss on silk sheets of
desire was a word,
                   Metaphors misspelled,  
                   it was wet.
                        Damp within forbidden moments.

Soaked within the focus there every
        collecting grasps. Upon the virtues
that where but keys to locks
                                       that had opened
                   First kisses unlocking arousal.

They washed away inhabitations,
      only to be washed within each others shower,
                                   and then both
                                   where silent in smiles.
Shelly Chu Feb 2018
We are all drops in the ocean,
We create ripples in the water,
Waves to the shore,
And tsunamis to the town.
We don't hold anything close to us,
But the people that we love.
And as it seems where we stand now
We only affect ourselves,
But if we look a bit closer,
We're setting fire to the rain.
Our tiny moves and actions
Aren't affecting only our souls alone,
But the God in heaven as well.
And that just simply isn't all.
For we are also slightly affecting
The ones that are close to us,
The ones we claim to love.
And so if we want to see
The affect we have today,
Look at each individual
That you have interacted with,
And don't just simply look at
Your selfish simple heart.
First poem on this site.
Rachel C Jan 2018
But if each moment with you is a droplet of rain,
I want a hurricane.
Vale Luna Jan 2018
I think the Moon knows
I'm watching Her
Because sometimes,
                           She leaves me presents
It may sound silly
But I've got a jar full of Her secrets
That I keep in a lockbox under my bed
The pass code; Luna
So I'll praise Her title
Each time I uncover
The hidden gifts She's given to me

Purified droplets of moonlight.

The size of a jewel
The weight of a diamond
The glow of an angel
The shine of a star

The Moon probably knows
I'm watching Her
Because sometimes,
                            I find a drop
In the bud of a flower
                  in the pit of a well
                  in the cave of an animal
                  in the crack of a rock
                  in the hollow of a tree
                  in the current of a stream
And on the rarest of occasions
I'll find Her lodged between the pages
Of my notebook

I've collected a dreams worth of gems now
So whenever I find myself,
- Swallowed by the void -
I'll have enough moonlight in my jar
To ignite the darkest of days
And the presence
                             of Her presents
Will go unnoticed by no shadow
Or creature of the night.

Luna knows I'm watching Her.

I'll continue to gaze from below
And let no stone go unturned
So when the Moon drips again
I'll be there to catch Her
Another crystallized droplet of a blessing
To tuck away
In the box under my bed.
SassyJ Mar 2016
Under the bridge as the water strolls
Gentle breeze within an angelic whizz
A hand held as spotlight bikes twinks
A kiss and another, a dip and a lumber

Ohh, aether showers of a thousand kisses  
One for the bridge, 2 for the stairwell
3 for the canal, 4 for the quarter moon,
5 for your barefoot, 6 for the snuggle,

An appendix calculator, stroking kisses
7 for the configured branches, 8 for the skips,
9 for the passiveness, the abound unfolds
10 for the beauty of your heart, soul and mind

Engaged lips of deep succulent tasty zest
Waving,wondering what you are thinking
Skewing a slow engine on lighted coal
Brewed magical connection, our contractions

A submersion justifiable redemption hem
Hustling your bike on the access sidewalk
A kiss not last one,ride,catch and hold it
A droplet of a hope, that you dance as I do
Inspired by 3;)
MdAsadullah Dec 2014
A curious child asked ' what is life? '
I ignored with a smile dainty, nice.
' What is life? ', ' what is life? '
Pulling my shirt child asked twice.

I took dust from ground.
And flew it in the sky.
Took him close to the ocean.
And flung a droplet nigh.

Showed leaves green on tree.
And how yellow beneath soughed.
Showed the smoke flying high.
And how it vanished into the cloud.

For a child answer was concise.
And I thought it would suffice.
Kalyana Nov 2014
a drowsy droplet
from a leaf,
a pond

the droplet
s  h  a  t  t  e  r  e  d
yet its soul

the depth,
unattended shhh
Anonymously me May 2014
On the other side|I look out and frown
of a car window. |theres a helpless
                               |pout on my face
Piddle, paddle P O P!
Kids fiddle in the back seat
When will this murky day stop?
Never I assume, so I sat back and listened to the musics beat.

The world is surrounded by a cloud
Diamond rain droplets fall politely
While making noise ever so loud
If this storm would just move over slightly.

— The End —