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Kassandra Apr 2018
The pinks and blues
purples and a bruise  
Sunset sky has been beaten down

Knees shaking, glass breaking
The shouts and the screams
the lullaby of childhoods
and the wishing of dreams

A slap and a whack
the cry of a child
musical notes in life
A childhood defiled

Beauty of pain
Must state again
Sunset sky has been beaten down
Kassandra Apr 2018
It's been my whole life
No cause no start
It cuts like a Knife

Crawling out of bed
Is always such a chore
All these medications I take
They’re such a bore

Nothing has helped
Not talking, Not meds
No walks in the parks
They just tear at my threads

A zombie puppet was I
Dragged through life by strings
Being a good little girl
Not excited for what life brings
Guys being honest I am fine
I've just been struggling with depression my entire life,
Nothing new, I have had it since I could remember
Kassandra Apr 2018
The soul can               take much more
then one would               think it could
It’s hard to make        a canyon inside
a figment imagined           for all good
Somehow mine has       broken inside,
it's crumbled and               has cracked
My imagined                 muse has gone
Her home has                  been attacked
Kassandra Mar 2018
To love and loss
My heart knows too well
Broken inside
An empty shell

Beaten and broken
Much to many times
Eyes were blind
Missing all the signs

Once full of love
Happiness hid
Purged of loneliness
Sadness was outbid

Nothing sad happened
One day it just became
That my heart no longer feels
I find it such a shame

Present day life goes on
Now emotions muted
I ask them come back
They will be reputed
Kassandra Mar 2018
I fell for a madman, a lunatic, a clown
Knowing this all I can do is frown
For so many years I took his abuse
Him hunting a man who hides as Bruce

This cakey clown makeup will cover the bruise
A temporary reminder not to give him bad news
He threw me out the window, it’s not the first time
It’s all my fault, I got in the way of his crime

One thing I needed to remember, he’s the star of the show
It’s him and Batman, him and his foe
I was just a puppet, a means to an end
Maybe that why I met Ivy, I just needed a friend

I was charged to mend and fix his head
But it was him who got inside mine instead
My ambition clouded my judgment, all could see
He saw this flaw and decided to overtake me

I became his Harlequin, or at least I guess I was meant too
The issue is I thought for myself and didn’t share his worldview
He lured me in with sadness and my pity
He told me we would in the future rule Gotham city

I believed him, I changed into a red and black lackey
He said he just wanted to bring smiles and make himself happy
Mad love, it’s what the sirens called it
I guess they were right; how did I not take a hint?

But he never loved me, that much to me is now obvious
He hit, punched and dragged me, how was I so oblivious?
I was just a pawn in his mad Puppet play
I guess the joke was on me, isn’t that right Mr. J?
From Harley's perspective after everything went sour

— The End —