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I was okay, I was alright
Until I dared to look into these eyes
Got ****** under, got dried
got lost, got tied
They bit and clawed onto mine
Slowly but suddenly - invaded
convinced, possessed
by that great unknown
I run away from
your mind
Bored - of all this ****
Please God free me
Give me what I need
I'm on my toes, you see?

I am tired of waiting
Of nervously pacing
around the house
around my head
I have marks in my wrists
still I break the chains

I am bored
I am ready to burn
in a free release
Let me break
Let me become

I am bored
but not ready
to give up
Angela and Lester
thought it was crazy, stupid, true love
spoiler: it was not

It was grabbing hold
of anything at hand
It was desperation
it was life stuck

In a parallel world
Lester isn't dead
and Angela is not under his embrace
not anymore, she's outgrown

Angela built a life with another man
And Lester and her still do chat,
they crafted something across time
it's not love, it's not lust
it's a weird connection that survives
we met when we were lonely souls
and now we're way less lost
find comfort in a lover's hand
find comfort in an unshakeable ground
it's easy when you just walk around
making your way as you go yet
sure of what you want
Reality seems to divert and distort
- when you and I speak
I am confused and can't see straight
but reality never died away
him and me exist

He loves me - I love him back
So what? So what?
Armed with that peace
I will pave my way to the stars.

Everything's gonna be alright
I will slip through the cracks
to meet you at night
They never understood - it's okay,
I'm fine
In freedom you can thrive
you can expand these wings and finally
in freedom you'll reach your peak
but freedom could make you
bruised and a bit
confused, (you see)
but you are free to be,
so just be

freedom is the sweet risk
you need to find what you need
so don't yearn for the chains
instead, run wild till your feet ache
only in freedom does love grow
lovesick girl you will find a home
freedom is soft and freedom is tough
lovesick girl forget what you’ve been taught
burn the wedding dress, set fire to your soul
jump into this pool of strange love!
this gift that leaves you sore
open, born
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