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Milica Markovic Jul 2016
just walking around
running for money
running for fame
running  for respect
blind for music
deaf for love
buying happiness at shopping malls
instead of hearts, they're growing holes
eating healthy
staying fit
telling ****
faking love
faking life
lost in time
lost in space
that's the final outcome
of stupid human race.
Milica Markovic May 2016
This new world order
is more like disorder.
such a serious disorder
psychological disorder!
There's no more Syria
all is left is Fearia
and here in Serbia
it's the State of Disturbia
we're severely disturbed,
our minds are polluted
we're like half-people,
alive but executed.
Some big sharks
sharp their teeth on our bones.
World is again invaded by fascists
or their even worse clones!
Inspired by morning news, I just wrote a poem.
Milica Markovic Dec 2015
Remembering the day you were born
My angel
The sky was blue and bright,
We were blessed and so fulfilled,
And I heard stars laughing that night...
Your hands so warm
Seemed the smallest in the world but yet I was imagining your big hug
Some day around my neck
I had dreams about your future
Your first smile
Your first words
Your first steps
Your first love
Your first kiss...
But all of that I'll miss.

Cause you, my baby, weren't meant to be so happy,
as other children will,  
this unknown disease came to us to ****...

We can't cope with its strong claws,
But we can keep our fingers crossed,
To have you and hold you as long as we can,
And pray for understanding and help of all men...
Milica Markovic Aug 2013
You know you’ve tried everything,
Pressed ESC,
Pulled plugs out
Then tried reboot
Nothing can help you
And you can help it
We’ll have forever this wireless connection
High quality
Full HD
I’ll be still compatible with any device of yours
How ever far away
I’ll remain logged in your system
Forgot password
Security key
And activation code
And you’ll stay my divine inspiration
Forever and ever without an end,
Without limitations on number of characters,
As long as we save our own.
All we have to do, from time to time, is to recharge the batteries.

31.08. 2013.
Milica Markovic Jul 2013
You might be damaged goods,
but I'll not seek for compensation and reimbursement,
because I'm damaged too,
so we both are good.
Very good.
Milica Markovic Jul 2013
Should I love you
Or should I hate you?
I don’t know if there is something between
But right now, I can’t see
The middle of my feelings.
I’m confused
By myself
And you.
Sometimes I feel like a walking tear
Just waiting to crash down
And be torn into thousand small pieces
Cause you don’t love me.
Other times I feel
Like a flying smile
Looking for your face
To be born on it
Make you happy
And die on your lips…
Milica Markovic Jul 2013
I want to run away
With you in my hand
In my heart
In my head,
Run away from all negativities of this world.
We could hide ourselves
Under cover of the madness
And be always happy
Staying young as long as we want
Maybe we should forget all
Leave it behind us
And go.
Our sanctuary will be our insanity.
Oh, we could have love,
Great love,
You and me,
Two fools watching the sunrise
And laughing forever.
What more could you want?
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