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Rick Warr Nov 2021
while our massive
magnificent blue orb
turns in slow grace
and basks in the sun
i live my days
in self absorbed ways

but now and then
… like now
i step out into space
and look down on
my insignificance

i live my life down there
basking in the sunshine
of your warm regard
and the odd smile
from a well-meaning stranger
loving the beauty i see

it’s all that i’ve got
and is mostly enough
for my brief ride
on this magnificent
massive blue orb
out of body reflection
Rick Warr Sep 2021
sure we are
collectively killing
the natural environment
and obsession with
economic growth
is in the hands
of those empowered
by money


my choice is to
be who is better
speak of good things
do that which is better
grow things and thoughts
that go to a better place
that manifest my ideal
that nurture and heal
without an apology
for sounding pollyanna
reality acknowledgement
with actions that speak
to a sorry establishment
undaunted and undeterred
never a sorry word
choosing active hope
never giving up
extolling the beauty
making merry
dancing with nature
celebrating sun shine
loving the loveable
singing songs of praise
to things that amaze
create the magic
that belief in the better
is the only soulful option

in a world of misery and splendour
absurdity is king
but love and hope
is my chosen thing
current thoughts
Rick Warr Sep 2021
we all remember
where we were
watching the towers
burn and fall
knowing that things would
never be the same at all
disbelief at first, or
had an action movie
slipped into the news

no, it was real
and then twenty years
of vengeful repercussion
of military posturing
of suffering for many
we watched
the baddies being painted
good and evil
being redefined
virtue confused
impotence and power
lies and spin
idiot rich guys
tax for the poor
climate destruction
by denialist
more concentrated
goodness and morality

by posturing political
pus weasels
venal vultures
of self interest
grasping for
short term dominance

and then ..
complacency pervaded
as absurdity
was accepted
as our new state of normal
and the height
of compassion
was owning a dog
and tut tutting
as refugees marched
across our news screens

and now we
bemoan being isolated
from being contaminated
we are mostly relegated
to stay in our mansions
while dinner is contemplated
have you been vaccinated?
reflection of the last 20 years triggered by 9/11
Rick Warr Apr 2021
swim around my head
they float in and out like clouds
emerging in the morning light
shedding subconscious shrouds

they cruise like languid fish
among hopes and fears
among anxieties and demons
among the loves and tears

they are dragged into order
to face the day’s demand
they are harnessed into logic
but they are criminals on remand

they are human nature vagabonds
we try to steer them through
suspicion fear and rivalry
to enlightenment brand new

i love their feral ways
they challenge us every day
the are random and wild
they keep us in the fray
Rick Warr Mar 2021
we used to run without shoes
we used to swim without snorkels
we used to walk not drive a car
we used to heal without a pill
we used to be happy without a screen
we find our way without emaps
we used to procreate without ****

we are accessory addicted
alone we are conflicted
from nature we have shifted
from ourselves we have drifted

a man is rich
in proportion
to the number of things
he can afford to let alone (Thoreau)
always loved Walden
Rick Warr Dec 2020
i am alone
as is everybody
yet we are heartened by company
we are soothed by well regard
we love to be missed
we love to be touched
we love to be kissed
we love to be loved
we are not so special
in essential needs
we are everybody
not solo self-important takers
and knowing this
brings down the walls
and is better
for everybody
a dismissal of entitlement is a good thing
Rick Warr Nov 2020
mother ocean is my church
and oneness is my belief
the sea is forgiveness
and she can crash you on the reef
she teaches me humility
and calms my restless soul
she dissipates my static
and makes me again whole
i return to land and people
consecrated by her water
ready to play again
strong without falter
when my day is done
and i’ve done all i can
return my borrowed molecules
to she who understands
having lived by the sea all my life this piece followed the realisation of her importance to me
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