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Rick Warr Oct 10
humanity at play
all on display
sun salved souls
play out their connection
under a soothing sun
mum and daughter
mum and dad
master and dog
boyfriend and girlfriend
surfer and surfboard

out of our living rooms
away from the fumes
satisfying our want
dealing with sand and salt

with a variety of competence

local or tourist
turkey or purist

it’s all ok
it’s a lovely day
humanity is out to play
and on display
painting the egalitarian beach scene i saw today
Rick Warr Sep 29
where is hope
in this cluster **** world
we are just powerless disciples
of distrust and suspicion
of our systems and overlords
a bunch of anonymous souls
who have learnt
to question everything
emboldened by our
social media alliance
we are a coalition of suspicion

but a cluster **** of suspicion
will be no salvation

hope is
people doing the things that they love
things they believe in
being humble warriors
of self determination
helping each other
in compassion and grace
and in so doing
showing others that
there are good people
in the world
because we are all
just people together
to QAnons
Rick Warr Sep 1
not talking anymore
to those
who aren’t listening
thoughts, ideas and love
are ready to share and bare
to the receptive
to those who can receive
and respond with mindful critique
it has to be a two way street
for a conversation
to survive and go
to where ideas grow
and so

i am silent and waiting for a sign
don’t leave me hanging
i want to find my way home
written in frustration with those who only hear themselves
Rick Warr Apr 28
children never got
as much attention

bedrooms never got
cleaned up as much

we never read as much

friends never thought so much
about each other

beaches never got
walked on as much

we never looked as much
at each other

and dogs never got
walked as much

as they do
in these quarantine times
people in virus quarantine
Rick Warr Apr 28
beautiful bluff
feathered in mist
silent and proud
moisture kissed
almost broke my knees getting to you
but now you’re a lover
whose company is missed
and coming home
rounding the curves
near your sea skirt
I look up
at your vertical mantle
with a loving heart
so glad to be living
in your embrace
love poem to the escarpment
Rick Warr Mar 17
sometimes you disappoint me
especially when you
massively buy toilet paper
and sometimes you express
great compassion and generosity
when you make sure fire victims
are supported and nurtured

essentially you are followers of leaders
which begs the need for good leaders

never before have we needed
examples of goodness to guide us
through the challenges of the future

and so i offer this

be the reason,
someone believes that there are good people
reaction to recent events
Rick Warr Feb 24
between fast food and poo
of benefit to this earth
what is left
or are you bereft
of any contributing worth

you accelerate too fast
and squander the stuff
that took millions of years to make
what do you think
in the din of your doof
as you take and take and take

are you nuts
to leave a trail of butts
and grunting diatribe
dropping your empties
what were you thinking
it's just such a bad vibe

you sneer an swear
and put smoke in the air
and criticise all that’s arty
you adopt talk of the street
and a derivative beat
as you fight for your right to party

between fast food and poo
that is of redeeming worth
that would be fine and true
that's of benefit to this earth?
to those more concerned about street credibility than growing up
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