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Winnalynn Wood Apr 2021
It was an unexpected travesty
While I sipped on my Paris tea

Black and swirling in the creamy cup
The melancholy inside wasn’t made up

The touches shared never to be replayed
A pen left wordless on the splotched page

The story of us dwindled and ended
I’ll yearn the soul I lost and befriended

It stains the wanderings in my heart
Restless longing never to depart

Will she look at you the way I did too
Or with her smile is your gaze anew

Amongst any spoken tendril I have to say
You’ll ignore it regardless, keep it at bay

No matter wherever I beg and try
Forever I’ll be pinned as the bad guy

Your friends affirm it without any doubt
The words you spill attract gallons of clout

And even with a vine of knowledge to prove
They’d pry and spy ‘til nothing’s left to prune
Whilst drinking my daily cup of Harney and Sons Paris tea I imagined this scenario. The heartbreak of being replaced is shattering indeed.
Mark Toney Apr 2020
tiny fragile bud
clean prune cultivate nurture—
precious child blossoms

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
4/19/2020 - Poetry form: haiku - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Like a plant,
You sometimes need to prune the dead parts of you in order to let the new parts grow.
Hanging on to dead things won't awaken them.,they'll keep rotting and cause harm to the whole lot of you.
Prune definition:trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to encourage growth.

Holding on to a dead part of our lives is usually due to attachment as well as lack of faith in the new that will spring out after the old is gone.
Prune the dead relationships,interractions and the past that only brings you down.
Trust your instincts,prune whats dead to your life and begin life afresh.
Riley June May 2018
plant your mind
lose your body
prune your heart
root your soul

harvest your being
blossom to life
flourish into creation
dissolve into nature

wilt from words
droop in sadness
perish in isolation
sink in solace

— The End —