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The North Star
The Pole Star
Different names
Same star
Appears fixed
In the sky
At night
To the eyes
Lies above the North Pole
On the celestial sphere
Earth's axis of rotation
Passes close by
It guides
GPS of olden days
On disappearing
Golden rays ☀️
Mythological character
Associated to it
Converted to it
Message on the firmament
Surrender cares and worries
To the Divine
Lost in Corona War
The North Star
The Pole Star
The guiding star ⭐
Google for story of mythological character 'DHRUV'.
Amelia Feb 10
As you told me I figured you could be my guide
I put my guard down as you take me
This is somewhere too far
And yet you have made sure
That you could leave me, anytime
I didn’t see that coming but of course
I have to find my way on my own
Just to realize you took me where I once were
Am I really kind and selfless?
You reminded me my old pains and angst
And still made me feel like I’m worthy
Most of all, I admired what I saw
I can’t help but to think of my endless possibilities

Thank you,
But are you still there?
Almost unreal,
What was that?
Where are you?
A wind,
A whale song?
My, my, my mind is all over
I can’t stop thinking of getting better
But I also can’t stop thinking of getting better with you
Inspired by Polaris by December Avenue
Denise Uy Aug 2020
That night was our (my) Polaris,
where I thought our futures would take us.
I suppose it wasn't Polaris because you left me with my future, not ours.
I wished for the stars to take us where we thought we'd be, but I guess I wished for dust in the desert.
The stars took back their promises.
In a Paramount sight,
I measure the distance
of my path
through the point of Polaris,
where you are standing.
I know when I get close
I will never get lost.
julian May 2019
its been a month
funny how time flies
it seems only yesterday
you were there
holding my hand
singing along to showtunes in the car
we were happier than we had ever been
i shouldve known it would end
life has a hard-on for ******* me over
ruining all the good in my life
whyd it happen to you
of all people
we had a lot of plans
college together
an apartment in the city
maybe getting married
adopting a kid or two
spending another thirteen years as best friends
and then some
but those plans never work out
do they?
i dont know how ill move on
i listened to the cd
the karaoke we did at the arcade two years ago
livin on a prayer
we were fifteen
freshman in high school
even when youre scream-singing
you have an amazing voice
you had an amazing voice
i envy the angels who hear you singing now
save a song for me
i hope this finds you
wherever you are
i figured polaris would help
you are my home
always have been
always will be
ill see you soon
I have had enough of lovers
Wishing to be the sun in my sky
And creating diurnal dependencies
That block half its dome at a time.

To shine with such effulgence
Should be an honor all my own.
Who else is my constant companion?
Who else sets my caverned heart 'glow?

Instead, let all that is loved by me
Be a dazzling array of constellations,
Each brilliant Sirius and Betelgeuse
Whirling, returning through my seasons.

And if I should find such a Star again,
Let them be not Sol, but instead, Polaris -
Gleaming steadfast, in their own region,
Never dipping 'neath horizon's terrace,

Their simply existing
A northward guide
Keeping me truthfully
oshooney Nov 2018
Ibarat bintang, mungkin kau adalah polaris bagiku.
Sang petunjuk arah, kala aku sedang tersesat.
Sebagai pelipur lara akan harapan dan impian yang telah tergerus keadaan.
Bagiku, polaris juga sebuah tuntutan untuk mencapai impian dan harapan yang masih tersisa.
Namun, polaris tidak selamanya akan jadi bintang utara.
Akan ada masanya, kau digantikan oleh bintang bintang yang lain.
Aku terlalu terhanyut dalam pesona mu.
Hingga aku lupa, tidak akan ada yang abadi.
Bahkan polaris sekalipun.
Cal Ashiq Feb 2017
From the first time I have known You
I have loved You

You have always been the Venus at dawn
The shining star I've known
You are the morning breeze I feel
such kind of feeling for real

You are the shining Sun I see
the light which sets me free
You are the Polaris at night
the star that gives me light

I am your admirer
Your seeker, Your lover
You are my Soul, my Heart
and nothing would keep Us apart

You're every beauty I've seen
every wonder therein
Now and Until forever
I will always be Your Lover

Lunar Dec 2016
It's windy tonight. Not a cloud in sight. And the ever-glory of the mass blue sky was dotted once again with the friends of the sky. Guardian of my house, Orion, with his strong, bright 3-starred bow, burns steadily, as opposed to the Ursas of the north, with the bleak Polaris, its light a little faded due to the lights of the northern cityscapes.

I think of you in these circumstances. Whether you'd be looking at the sky as well, trying hard to find the connecting dots. Stay warm under this cool season, alright? I've yet to brush my teeth or even get my blanket and pillow, because I've decided to sleep under the stars tonight, and they're too beautiful for me to even pass a second without looking at them.

Just like how I think about you. My thoughts are still as the stars in the night sky, sometimes bleak and sometimes bold. I hope you never lose your way even if you feel like it. The Polaris will always be guiding you. My thoughts will always be guiding you. For you, I'll be constant as the stars above, so always know that you are loved.
Chapter 5 of Finding You
JR Falk Aug 2016
You've got a twinkle in your eye,
one I really can't describe.
Yet your laugh shines so bright
it reminds me of the stars in the night sky.
Maybe it's because you feel so out of reach.
I could be asked to wish upon a star,
yet I'd think about you.
You're like my North Star.
You guide me.
I'm not sure what lies ahead,
and that alone is overwhelming most nights.
But my certainty clings to the fact that
I know my future will be bright,
so long as you stay in it.

This is old as hell but I apparently never posted it. So here, while I have my writers block, take this.
Not sure how I feel about it still. Rip.
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