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Zoe N 3d
to stumble and often fall,
as you make your way along an empty road
but despite the hopeless passion of your blank
& vacant world, you’ll keep going, won’t you?

have you often dreamt of running away?
alone & staring at the walls wondering what went wrong, you’re living a life that wasn’t enough,
now realizing how quickly you were forgotten.

you must be very brave, to keep going,
when you can’t even see a destination.
you must be very brave, to remember,
when everyone else, so easily, forgot.

sometimes, when the lights are dimmed
and you can only lie there trying to dream,
you hear a low cry of someone breaking,
the sound of something ending.

even the most beautiful things feel pain,
stained with hidden memories.
even the most innocent human beings are crushed,
by a world that no longer cares.

do you want me to come back for you?
if you’ve lost your way again in those shadows,
I will bring a light of a million stars of hope,
so we can find a destination at the end of pain.

do you want me to come back for you?
if you’ve been forgotten and left behind,
I will paint a portrait of your soul
so that you will never again be lost.
Any feedback is welcome! :) Have a nice day! @Copyright 2021 Zoe N
cici 3d
swallowing the meaningless to feed the inner-
not expecting to find our courage has withered?
(can you look at your soul, see how it's bittered
and say: come let us eat something good, indeed)
midnight diamonds, winds in the south, sun traveled southbound,
    you see, you lingered in some subtle guises when you’re mine, yet you’re gone.

   the stars stud my heavens, hot and flickering, the wind embraces me - these spark some painful thoughts i never told anybody. these remind me that somewhere out there i too reappear in your mind for a while, and this is when i beg the most:

for you never to forget my gentle feelings, and my timid cold fingers.
    i know at best i could be only your afterthought, my dear, and i am learning to live with this, i am learning to live with this fact that you’re letting me slip away.

         you’re with me ‘till this ends, ‘till i have transcended the agony of naive wonderfulness. and i can live with your ghost, these ruins of relics. you’re with me, my sweetheart, ‘till i’m mended and be brave enough to open up to a new soul.
We sustain life
by learning from the dead,
sacrificing our youth
to save other's instead,
stethos are our spouse, books are our friends
these white coats we wear, our life long companions;
making each one of us a champion
every minute, every hour, everyday,
everyday is another battle
that sometimes we lose, that sometimes we win
uncertainty and unpredictability
lining our eyes, coloring our white aprons
but then there's this thought
that drives us after every loss
-medicine isn't just a profession, but a passion,
medicine isn't just a job, but a life full of compassion,
such that we lie on our death beds-
with empathy in our hearts, experience in our minds, knowledge in our brains and selflessness still running in our veins.
White Coat Ceremony
Riding the crest of popular wave
he found himself
catapulted to the throne of
the leader of the nation.
A visibly moved he,
sporting a beaming smile
addressed an ocean of cheering crowds
waving hands, displaying ‘V’signs
delivered a prolonged speech
driving his subjects drunk with joy unbound
like his predecessors who one by one
occupied the saddle
riding the crest of popular wave
made themselves endearing
to hundreds of thousands of masses.
They too delivered
fiery speeches with sugar-coated
pledges and promises
to wash away the grime of corruption,
terror and violence
elevating the masses to
a plain of sky-high dreams,
happy days of prosperity and hopes aplenty
unfortunately the suffering millions
found themselves taken  for a ride.
Now a new man in the garb of
a benevolent leader
in whom they reposed their full faith
the one and only reason being
public memory always remains short.
Election after election, ruler after ruler
who make false promises of new dawn
push their subjects to the abyss
of hardships, poverty, deaths
thereby  snuffing out
the flames of sweet morrows.
The Himalayas is our allotted
Dwelling place prepared
For my tribe by Yeshua, who
Brought us forth from the ground
As high as he saw fit,
Days before earth
Knew not the scent
Of men.

Peace shrouded my face
From the eyes of men
Until irksome expeditions
Instigated by the Brits,
Forever polluted
Me with their rotting flesh;
Refusing to yield, till summiting
Me, the tallest
In my tribe, was
Made within reach.

My days are spent
Collecting forsaken filth
And fresh victims
Enticed by their
Arrogance and lead
By their ego, to be
Humbled by
Yours truly.
maria 4d
I feel like I want to write something new
but I can't write anything
that's not about you
written on Febuary 2021
Lost spirits at dawn
come to my prickled
ear & sing to me
a midnight song.

Promise me, you won't
float away in the zephyr, nor
take too long,

for I am left with
the lost spirits
at dawn.
There is a remnant of light
peaking through the evading
daytime glow, it casts
a shadow on your iris,
blue and cold.

There is a remnant
of wind in the cool breeze,
swaying us into
some decadent

There is a remnant of
you in my tree lined
view, floating away, like
you do.

So surreal and evading,
so surreal and fading
Em 5d
There she sat in front of me with her red lipstick on and a smile that showed off her pearly white teeth that always seemed to light up a room
but something was off
Was it the sweetness I felt, disappearing when I looked at her?
Only the tingling on my tongue after eating too many sour candies was left as I saw her smile slowly curve down each day I saw her
She had a lot of sour moments now that I look back.
I miss the fresh peppermint laughs we shared
what's left now is a silhouette
a wrapper of what we could have been
and now as I sit here looking through her
I begin to crack from the way she makes me feel
She doesn't know
She'll never know about the red stripes she left on me
can a shattered candy cane be put back together?
it might seem impossible
some parts may be lost
but with some time
I'll be back on my feet again
and she'll move on to someone sweeter
maybe a gumdrop this time
Without losing her
I would never have found my marshmallows friends who I know I can always fall back on their soft embrace
They will be there supporting me till my expiration date
I rewrote my last poem because I've changed a lot since 2019 and thank god I did. The ends kinda cringe lol
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