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Violet Aug 2018
I fell for your warm eyes
And inviting smile
But I stayed to appease the pit that formed in my chest
The aching longing that grumbled angrily
Like a dormant monster when we were apart

But when I got handsy
You pushed me away
Left me hooked on a drug I couldn’t partake in
A sensation I could never truly experience

Our love was a mistake
Free from the fever dream,
I’m plagued by a supercut of facepalms
And quivering lips

What I assumed was intimacy
Was simply infatuation
So I fled
Oblivious to your shadow hanging over me

Where I ran
Your presence followed
A restless wind trailing after me
Never letting me forget it’s there
Slipping between my fingers
Running through my clothes
Sitting heavy on my lips
So every subsequent relationship
Was saturated by your memory
A poem I wrote months ago for class, more love junk
Violet Jun 2018
Two years ago today
49 were massacred
In what was then the worst mass shooting in America

donald trump  
Had only this to say:
“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”
Violet Jun 2018
I still support you
Through your ****** fluidity
Through your gender fluidity
Through your wavering confidence
Through the harsh, silencing glances
Through the whispers and rumors

I still love you
And I won’t ever stop
Not to appease our doubtful peers
Or unsupportive family

Please don’t forget me
Please don’t forget the tender embraces we’ve shared
Or the forbidden kisses we hastily exchanged
Under the cover of night

I love you
Don’t forget to love yourself
Violet May 2018
I wanted you so much
But I didn’t love you
I know if I ever spoke that prayer
It would smolder upon your lips
And fall to the ground as ash
Violet Mar 2018
God's refused me entry
to his sacred chamber
he knows
i'll ravage those walls
Violet Mar 2018
i'm beginning
to memorize the soft meat
of your palms
and the gentle curve
to your knuckles
here we go
Violet Feb 2018
“To The Women in My Life”

Take ownership of every inch of you
Each individual strand of hair
On your head
That glint in your eyes
Your sharp, dangerous smile
The suffocating curve
Of your hips
Your slender legs
That’s all you

The declarations exploding out of your mouth
Like fireworks
Popping, popping, popping
Beautifully disrupting silence
Beautifully making your presence known
Staining everything it touches
In hot, vibrant color
That’s all you
That all belongs to you

Remember that
Tattoo it on your heart
Because people will try
To wipe it away
Like eraser shavings taking up space
You are not temporary
You are eternally beautiful
Let my smile remind you
My natural laugh
My loose shoulders
You are phenomenal
A strong, powerful woman
You’ll leave your print in the stars

“Step Up”

“...I think it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls — who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, who want to be producers, who want to be part of the industry on the executive level — to step up.”

Why are women being told to “step up?”
Do you not see the tears in each word
The blood in each lyric
The fire in every performance
You cannot wash it all away
Or remold it like clay
Women do not need to step up
Neil Portnow
You should step down
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