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Raven Blue Feb 2021
Anywhere, Anytime;
Anxiety Attack, Panic Attack;
Sometimes I cry;
Sometimes my chest tightens;
Sometimes I feel choked;
Sometimes I hyperventilate;
Sometimes I feel like I'm dying;
It's hard...
But I'm trying to fight....
Why am I not surprised...?
This, always happens to me..
Nothing ever works out.. with anyone.
Everyone always leaves.

And it'll never be the same.
Wake me up.. some other day!
When the rain stops pouring over me.
and the sun comes out for a while..

But of course that's too much to ask for,
I'm in another life,
Where you can't hurt me anymore,
But that doesn't stop this fight.

I'm breathing.
Hey, wait I think I'm breaking.
I'm over the edge just thinking,
What if this is unpleasing, to you

I hope it's not,
Because the thought makes me go into shock,
I use to be falling so hard for you,
but it seems lately I've been crying it through
and now things are clearing up just a bit,
but my eyes are still red and I just can't help it.

So, please tell me this
Did I really hurt you?
I hope that I didn't,
I'm just trying to get through.
Because honestly an apology is long overdue.

But of course it'd be mine,
The line that'll seem blind,
Did you see it or not,
I think that you may have skipped it.

— The End —