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Kenneth Gray Oct 2020
Worry a'creapin
Confusion sets
Nerves are startled
Fear Upsets

Minds a racin'
Thoughts implode
Face is flushed
Fear Explodes

Hearts a'flutter
Chest tightens up
Voices stutter
Fear Erupts

Hearts a'poundin
Sweat then rolls
Panic resounding
Fear unfolds

Deaths a'loomin
Dreads attack
All consuming
Fear is back

Peace a'buildin
Calm ensues
If Gods willing
Fear defused
I learned a 2 beat structure similar to this from a friend on Facebook. I took what I learned and put my own twist on it by bouncing back and forth between 2 and 3. Even kind of a 3-4. I think it sounds better with that beat rather than a constant 2. As if I did anything to explain what I mean by a beat-structure lol. Its just my personal language that I use. I used that structure while thinking about anxiety and this is the result.
Lost May 2019
Nocturnal awakening
At 2am
The stairs

Slipping out the door
A whisper of a person
A shadow of a woman
Car keys clenched tight
In a bony fist

Racing thoughts
Each one too fast
To see it out
To the end
Incomplete sentence
Interrupted by my own

Down the front steps
Light scuffing of slippers
On concrete
Opening the driver door
And dropping into the seat
Half expecting
To fall straight through
Half hoping
To hit the floor
Colliding with the ground
A welcome impact
I need to be shaken
I need to be stirred
I need to reset
A cognitive correction

Keys in the ignition
Thinking of my neighbors
As I turn
Wondering if they’re awake
Listening to the sounds
Of me giving up
Giving in
To insomnia

Cigarette paper
Sticking to dry lips
Lighter under my thumb
Fire’s gentle kiss
Smoke plumes
Out the window
Into the cloudy
Silverthorn Jul 2016
My mind is a trick-seed sprouting in me
Runners wide run in rich but shallow soil
Each birthing things that were not meant to be
Deserted, parched they die as I recoil
A false womb am I and guilty tears shed
Over false dreams buried in open graves
Who will come to avenge the wanton dead
The miscarriages flow in scarlet waves
‘Had you but fed us,’ each cries out, ‘you could
Now reap.’ As weeds they rise from their dark holes
And invading, choking out new crops would
Paralyze this befuddled, barren soul
Who can supplant the worming roots, their cry
And fate other than death my dreams supply?
A racing mind never reaches the finish.
MOTV Dec 2015
Listen to I
Walking the skies
Listen to the mist
Worry not weariest
Landing on a poem
Standing on a drone
Flying amongst blue skies
Smoking mind a rhyme.
Coconut Skins Jan 2015
Why oh why do I do this?
Talking to you is a bad habit,
One that I can't break,
You pull me in.

It's easy, I drift away like a kite in the breeze.
Back to when we were together,
Talking about everything and nothing,
Being perfectly content.

This is dangerous.
We broke up for a reason.

I begin to wonder if it will always be like this,
If I will always want you
Now I can't see myself with anyone else,
When I think of you my heart melts.

This is hard.
Quick poem to try and settle my thoughts

— The End —