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"I want to write a poem about being swept away in the ocean except everyone else is being moved and I am the tidal wave ...
Overwhelmed With Opinion
Montreal    Actor /Model and now decided to start the true love of my life ( SPOKEN WORDS)


Richie Vincent Sep 2018
Stressed mother to overwhelmed son,
“You look really tired today”

Overwhelmed son to stressed mother,
“I just haven’t been able to sleep well lately, but I am okay”

Empty beer bottle to overwhelmed son’s mouth,
You will drink me until you cannot feel anything else,
Cigarette ad to overwhelmed son,
It would be so easy for you to love my smoke again,
Overwhelmed son,
“I will get through this, even if it kills me one day”

Overworked father to overwhelmed son,
“You haven’t left your bed besides work, and even when you come home, the first thing you do is go to bed, and I am worried about you”

Overwhelmed son to overworked father,
“I just haven’t been able to sleep well lately, but I am okay”

I just haven’t been able to sleep well lately,
But I am okay

Education to overwhelmed son,
Your debt is heavier than the world and you will be paying for the things you haven’t learned for the rest of your life,
Overwhelmed son,
Everything is as heavy as the world, and I will break and get crushed until my body is sand on the beaches of the oceans I’ll never get the chance to visit

When I was 5 years old I visited Disney World, and the fireworks there burned brighter than anything I had ever seen before,
When I was 16 years old, I was burning bridges and cigarettes until I could no longer cross relationships and friendships and no amount of nicotine could make my lungs happy enough

But I will slip, and I will still burn, and I will never learn how to swim, and my lungs stopped knowing happiness when I breathed in anxiety and exhaled depression,
When I stopped breathing in oxygen and replaced it with fire, when I stopped exhaling full breaths and started exhaling as little as I could,
I don’t want to pass out, I want to keep as much as I can because I know I will never get it back  

And I will be alone in this because I have forgotten how to trust,
And I will live like this until I can no longer trust myself

Overwhelmed son to worried mother and father,
“I just haven’t been able to sleep well lately, but I am okay”

*I just haven’t been able to sleep well lately, but I am okay
Zev Sharma  Dec 2020
Zev Sharma Dec 2020
As this tenth grade year rolls by
I just don't have a chance to take a sigh
Life is taking me for a ride
Forcing me at every moment to abide

It seems like everyone is doing better than me
Anyone remember when life was carefree
At one time, learning was play
Not one of those agressive F1 freeways

I've never been the competitive types
Despite all the Asian stereotypes
But peace seems to be all but forgotten
The college race seems to be a race we all entered in

I see teenage achievers, wonder how they do it
They have already entered their cockpits
While I stand on the stairs, looking back at the beautiful view
Knowing in a short amount of time, boarding will soon ensue

I feel overwhelmed even though I shouldn't be
I feel overwhelmed even when there are a thousand people working harder than me
I feel overwhelmed when I look at 2018's reality
I feel overwhelmed at the idea of being handed the control key

Life was much simpler back then
I felt like I lived in a lion's den
The world seemed like a land of infinite possibilities
Now, it seems like an ever increasing stack of responsibilities

The memories are etched in my mind
My days in Rosa Parks and ICS on rewind
My life has changed so dramatically
Ever since the move in January

My life took a U-turn
My skin got scorched brown in the ruthless sun
Everything seemed to be preparation for the firing gun
Everyone except me seemed to be prepared to run

I wanted to tell my story
Let it out in all its glory
But copying from the passage was obligatory
Everything I read was explanatory

The grades passed on, yet I never really felt a change
My interests were increasingly estrange
While my peers constantly tried to grow up ASAP
I continued living life in recap

As the pressure began to build, I could feel it too
Would I be able to pull through
At times I wish I could start life anew
Maybe waste less time and make an amazing debut

I feel overwhelmed even when life is going well
My nostalgia keeps me from enjoying the present
I feel overwhelmed when I face the future
Feeling that the past was much more pleasant
I feel overwhelmed when I am reminded of my poor dad
Slogging away just to get to see us for a few months in the year
I feel overwhelmed when I see the the fate of a impoverished young lad
Forced to work out of fear

They say change is the only constant in this universe
Change has been what I repel
But now I am on my last verses
After letting it out, life has a reduced ability to overwhelm