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Mar Dec 2018
I have a lot of problems
That seem to get pushed aside
Because I’m “smart enough”
Or I’m “able to go through this”
I’m tired of being told I can do it
I’m tired of being told
Because quite frankly,
I don’t think that it’ll be okay
My feelings are raging,
And one expects to quell them using
That mean absolutely nothing to me
I just want someone to resonate with me.
I just want someone that resonates with me.
JB Dec 2018
I don't blame you
Nor me
Just the situation
I'm not angry
I'm not hurt
I am mad
But at peace
I understand
That it was my mistake
To allow myself
To listen to you
JB Dec 2018

Am I in love with him
Do I love him?
Is this what love feels like?
Felt like...

Did I mess it up?
I think I did

I let him go. ****.
a M b 3 R Sep 2018
i am just the worst person you could have met
one moment im kind to you
another i talk behind your back
lie to you
be mean to you
im fake
and i know that
yet u don’t
your kind innocent pure soul
YOU think that i am..well good at least
and i don’t want to make you feel upset
but i did eventually
you should start realising that i am bad
i am no good
and you should not talk to me
even if i treated you like the worst
you still continued talking to me
i am the worst
please you don’t deserve to be treated like that
by me.
Dara Slick Jul 2018
You told me you cared.
You picked me from the street, me,
just a daisy in the road.
I trust you to re-plant me on the side walk, or in a garden.
You set me down all nice and dainty,
and left.

I assumed i'd see you again when you needed to walk past, but you came back for only one thing.
You sprayed me with **** killer.
You saw I was a flower,
moved me,
then tried to **** me.

Little did you know, I was immune.
He may have been a bit more heartless than expected, I am okay now though.
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
Cheerful mood, graceful rain
She pointed towards the rainbow

Oops, he is a color blind
Genre: Observational
Wes Brandon Jul 2018
When I was five I was more alive then now.  I was told I was a child then.  Adults new best;  was what I heard, and trained to see that clear. By ten I questioned the things I was taught.  How could I be wrong because my age wasn't ripened? I knew that analogy better then adults could see.  I had heard of those that didn't like children, the ones that couldn't connect.  I never could understand that true, because I was young and knew they had been young too.  When I was ten I decided I would never hate children.  I knew I was a child too.  But time flies and now I cry because I'm not the same.  I was taught that your elders always knew best.  But now I'm bested by the children and it leaves my heart with stress.  If it weren't for who I knew I'd be I would hate to see a child.  12 years of teachers and I think I was smarter before I was taught. If we hate the children, we're teaching them to hate elders too.  When they become the elder, you'll be living by their care. How could they love you the way you need, when they had needed your love too.
Midnight Jun 2018
I'm sorry
I didn't mean
to fall
in love
the way you kissed me
I felt a tingle
and that tingle
zapped my heart
and made it beat again---
and now
I can't get you
out of
my head
I'm sorry.
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
You know, I've started getting used to it.
The expertise came slowly, bit by bit.
The way their eyes look when the heart breaks.
Honestly, I've turned it into something of an art.
Because, another person confessed their love today,
and how on earth am I supposed to convey
that I don't want to be tied down by anyone?
One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, Go Girl, Go!
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