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Dave Robertson Aug 2021
As teachers,
(and I know some are back already, sorry)
we are doing the equivalent
of sportsfolk psyching up

Our judo coach is shaking and slapping
while we, in denial, are still mowing lawns
and planning actual meals from recipes

In our dreams, the Bueller…?
Bueller…? Bueller…?
reels are already playing
with our classes disobeying to our faces

So for everyone’s sake
ease us in please
keep us keen and we’ll deal with your progeny
‘til Halloween
Anonymous Nobody Oct 2019
I guess it could go either way, right?
I stand in the middle of two evils
they both lead to my demise,
i cant seem to see that

i always believed that i paved the roads i walked on.
must be why the only thing ahead of me
is the backroads.

it seems i've made it to an impasse
Lot Mar 2019
Red and white vivid
The colours swirl together
Down the kitchen drain
The warmth from your sweater,
Chills me
I Love it!

The warmth from your sweater,,
Gives me comfort
Persist It!

The sound of your voice,
Makes me Feel Safe
I'm surrounded!

When you touch me,
I feel As if a Lightning Struck Me
Do it again!

When you breath down my neck,
I feel bliss
Don't stop!

Everything about you,
Either envies me
Annoys Me
Tears Me
Lights Up my Day,
I love You!
Bae told me to write about him!
grace Jun 2015
I'm afraid because I saw you again for the first time in months
I tried not to think about all the **** you said
all the things you promised
and that month where we were inseparable friends
nothing more; exactly what I needed
I thought it was going fine
we didn't talk to each other the whole time
but then I saw something I can't get out of my head
it's been a week and a few days
and the image of the fresh red lines on your wrists
is burned into my eyelids
and every time I blink
my stomach drops
and when I try to fall asleep
my heart climbs up and lodges itself in my throat
making it so hard to breathe
you did some ****** up things to me
and I'm not someone who can just stop caring
especially when it's you
and when there's nothing I can do
you probably wouldn't listen to me anyway
which is funny because I haven't done anything wrong to you
which is funny because I shouldn't give two ***** about you
but I'm me, so I do
I try to reach you quietly
in a way where you won't know who I am
because I'm not trying to start ****
I just want you to be okay
well ****
why can't you just be safe
why the **** do I care so much jesus christ

— The End —