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UK    I love writing poetry,everything that i write is true,honest and from experience,i try to make my poems as unique as possible.I hope to inspire people ...
Shane Michael Stoops
Mo Valley, IA    I'm 39 years older than the day I was born, I have a wife of 16 wonderfull years. I still take pleasure in waking upnext ...


Zac Hill  Apr 2015
Zac Hill Apr 2015
Looks like I forgot to think before I talked
To look before crossing the road of decisions
Not taking caution before walking down the path
You'd think I learn by now
To prepare for the worst
Have the right response to certain insults
Looks like I'm not perfect
Acting like you to please you
To gain your acceptance because that's all that matters right?
How crazy of me to be myself
To love what I care about in life
Acting how I naturally respond to situations
How crazy of me to care
About you and your opinions
***** all you want about your lack of control over me
You hate me?
I'm not reacting like you want me to?
Well this is awkward
Looks like I'm doing my own thing
Being myself and staying happy
How sad it is that you won't get pleasure out of this
I'm happy
Without you
Good Luck :)
There use to be people in my life (My "Friends") back in high school that got mad when I acted certain ways and always told me what to do, how to act because their way was always the right way. They thought they could make life decisions for me. Tell me what was cool and what was stupid. When I stopped caring and stopped listening they got mad. Oops you have no control over me? That's pretty sad when they got so worked up on stuff like that. So message of the day. Care about yourself and let people just be themselves, that's true happiness.
Mr Zeal  Jul 2016
Everyone Falls
Mr Zeal Jul 2016
Oops I have fell to deep
Oops I have fell to deep in it
My love has become trapped in it
Oops my friend I can't tell you how sorry I am
My love has become bread crumbs
Oops my life is fighting to stay alive
I don't know where this strength comes from
Oops I am praying to deep
Oops I have open my eyes in it
Oops I'm soo tired  of falling in this
Oops I have faith I can make it out
Everyone falls!
I'm falling but everyone falls
Will I stay here with the bread crumbs or will I ...
Oops I have faith now