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Eloisa May 2020
She hid away her colors in the frail,
fragrant flower petals.
Her radiance that once so bright,
forgotten and taken from your sight.
The long lost splendor,
the missed glorious moments.
Her brilliant wild joined the joyous,
unceasing winds.
🌸A Parting Gift🌸

"Hanafubuki" is the Japanese word that describes the beautiful moment when cherry blossom petals float down on the wind, like snowflakes in a blizzard.
“Hana” means flower and “fubuki”  means snow storm.
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
when can I go home
when can I see you
cherry blossoms bloom
when I think about
you, friend
I left you behind
when I was afraid
To love
first attempt at a lai (9 line poem with 3 sets of 2 lines of 5 syllables followed by a line with 2 syllables
Eloisa Apr 2019
A quick change of weather brought me to stare outside the window
Standing near the porch, I was then surprised to see snow falling
Almost a month when cherry blossoms began to say hello
Here comes a chilling wind and a surprise snowfall in spring
Hearing its sound, a thread of sad memories began to flow
This pushed me back to the hour of pain, strain,  and self-blaming
Worried about the blossoms and  pretty wild flowers in the meadow,
I looked around and saw green grass and birds happily chirping
Oh! the woods smell sweet, snow becomes rains and the little stream flows
And everywhere I turn around, I see hope in everything
Plus who among us would not care, cherish and will not go
To admire a lovely tree where blossoms are hung with snow in spring
~A snowy day in spring!
Eloisa Apr 2019
Pink flow’rs, blushing cheeks
             A soft kiss to say goodbye
                            Just one perfect dance
jasper Mar 2019
Cherry Blossoms Fall
Like snow, they drift so gently
Spring is joining us.
The scent is overwhelming,
I enjoy it so,
Imagine the petals, falling,
Over your face,
The scent of spring is here today.
Mr Quiet Mar 2019
Look into the ceiling,
Watch me go all over the world with you.

Hands held tight till we bleed and
Hopefully we'll make our scars have a new
Meaning to the stars that we'll sleep in.

Cherry blossoms raining.
We can turn our lives into a film,
Where we dance in the planetarium.
The petals in your eyes that's falling
Tells me that the seasons going into an end,
But i know you'll come back again,
I'll make sure i'll be there stronger than a stem.

Well hello
Is this the end,
Or the winter that spring can't seem to comprehend?
to be honest i dont even know what i was saying
Archaesus Apr 2018
A new home in spring,
I come as cherry trees bloom
Spring, a new season.
Considering my recent move to Japan, a haiku, while not my usual style, seems appropriate.
Denel Kessler Jun 2016
Forty-eight floors up, a God’s-eye view

a man practices tai-chi on a tired patch of grass
he is measured, beautiful

families rest under new-green trees
in Yoyogi Park this early spring Sunday

Mt. Fuji rises like a myth, fading
to illusion in the gathering smog.

                                                            A few inches can be an impossible sea

                                                            we sit, silently contemplating discord
                                                            and the meaningless reasons for it

                                                            cherry trees paint the city pink
                                                            while faded petals cyclone at our feet

                                                            tears, fleeting as sakura
                                                            bloom and fall.
Denel Kessler Jan 2016
Awake to a slowly beating drum
morning meditation drifting up the hill
in the garden, tiny birds add sweet highs
tuneless ravens, the bass undertone
trees whisper ancient lyrics
on the passing breeze.

We stroll the Path of Philosophy
through massive wooden gates
into carefully sculpted gardens
exploring the endless number
of temples dotting Kyoto
each more lovely than the last.

Quiet Nanzen-Ji
is where I feel the most
following worship worn
steps to a cave-shrine
heady with wet
and incense

we are purified
by waterfall spray
before returning
the way we came
voices hushed
buoyed by eternity’s hand.

The hotel lobby is filled
with crimson and saffron
glistening heads and broad smiles
from monks gathered there
we bow to each other and are one
may it never be forgotten

revelers arrive by busload
for hanami, cherry blossom viewing
beneath a revered tree
decked out in pink splendor  
lit from below to radiate
surreal, internal light

we sample Kobe yakitori
soba and corn
grilled over open flame
as we flow
through the smiling
celebratory crowd

we savor
what is transitory
as sparks
and blossoms whirl
settling on
our hair and skin.
Kyoto is just one of those magical places...
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