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Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2021
Let me sum it up

If you are observant
Write few words on observership
If you are romantic
Write few words on love
If you are silent
You need to write more

More Lines
More Paragraphs
More Themes
More Events
That's how you communicate
With a precise voice
Louder echoes
A light, over shade

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Writing is being
Isaac Aug 2020
being known
is to be
our little details
that are remembered
by our significant other
has never felt so pure
Juno Jun 2019
If I were to fall
Would you notice or fail to?
Sometimes I wonder.
mitus May 2018
Each day I gain a little more tiredness but today could be the day it stops.
bohemian rhapsody parades
     amidst greensward moored
erupting profusely toward cerulean skies
     ushered with invisible rip cord
this Earthling self assigned to an (elder)
     box office catbird seat - hoard
ding a secluded nook
     upon premises of Highland (highly adored)

Manor Apartments nestled
     within bucolic (cost wise, a ford
double) Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
     (40.2562° N, 75.4638° W) explored,
sans (founded in 1684) 
     pleasantly assaultive stimuli 
     conducted brake upon metaphysical ratiocination,
     where sunshine poured
upon variegated mother nature

     arrangement, viz spectacular
     vernal suite scored
a top ten hit orchestrating
     exquisite (August) May day presentation,
     which mutely roared
bedazzling this sensate
     being overwriting gourd
     fully stocked, when brittle

     winter snowy firmament forced accord,
     asper overlaying habitat
     palimpsest akin to (sic) ward
before an a may zing exuberant poly

     chromatic onset splashed vibrant
     brilliantly colored palette, toward
this captive observer,
     where choral symphony courtesy of flora
and fauna sensational

     encore performance
     (day at the) opera captivated ensured
fixated this tethered primate royally
     impressed and allured
by aural and visual

     regalia fit for a lord
and tailor, while solar orbitz
     directed by Helios,
whose journey across
     deep purple celestial sea deplored
noiselessly casting lengthened shadows
signaling luminous hued dusk
     chariots of fire earthly dome ceiling ablaze
     pearl jam disappearance,
     when daylight blinks adieu

til the morrow, when dawn
     betakes the reins to reign cosmos chose
zing emergent rays announcing
     morning haz broken
     nudging, prodding, rousing from doze
well rested body electric,
     where energy flows
as attested from me noggin glows
nsync, sans panoply
     of soundgarden crescendo propose
zing ideal material sharing circadian rhythm
     thru the time stream yours truly rows.
luci Nov 2017
as soon as the
last bell rings
i go around classes,
slowly walk downstairs
and finally go home
once i’ve seen you

once i’ve
observed who you’re with,
analyzed how you walk
and the way that you smiled
as our eyes met

i walk around
the hallways
to walk around
your mind

you were able to
smell the blue
of my presence
just like I listen to
the gray of
your absence

i don’t walk around
to see you,
perhaps i do it
for you to see me
Skylar Keith Nov 2017
"**** is that her trying to comfort you?"
No, that's her actually noticing that it ***** and doing something
You didn't answer it even when I pointed at it subtly
I bet you were just laughing

Jealousy fills you again
At this point I've given up
I don't know what to say
I don't want to say; you're the only friend that matters and yeah what the hell was she thinking?

She cares and I know she does
She shows it not through a lot of talking or jokes
She shows through small things that show me she notices them

You said you'd keep it away from me
Yet here we are again
You're pushing it onto me

Must be **** that I saw it before you deleted the text saying that
I won't address it
I'm not making that mistake again

What matters
Is that you realized
You shouldn't have sent that text in the first place
**** happens and I won't play nice and dumb anymore
Melba Christie Sep 2017
Watching the moon
a lonely kite takes flight
sky full of diamonds
I always like to watch the moon. Sometimes it seems that things float across it.
Pomoloma May 2016

Invisibility is something you see

On a TV


But the truth of the matter

Is that if you look at her

Sitting there quietly

Just watching society

Carry on with it's creation

Not joining the conversation

You may notice

You need to refocus

To make visible

*Those things that are not
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