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B Oct 2018
It doesn’t matter if I’m dancing in
The center floor

Or pressed against the wall
Like a flower

You never see me anyways
The sun sets,
But I lay awake,
Thinking about the last few days...
I wonder what it means?
Is it all in my head?

Replaying our conversations,
Thinking about your smile.
So many questions,
Not enough answers.

I wait for tomorrow,
Hoping to see you soon.
Waiting for another chance,
To be besides you.

The simple things you do
Mean the world to me.
Most people would overlook them,
But not me.

Hopefully you'll notice,
See how similar we are.
Notice our connection,
And give it a try.

Stop being oblivious,
Realize the signs...
I know you feel it too,
You don't need to compromise.

We can talk for hours,
From the simple to complex.
We don't have to do anything,
And be together all night.

You're so confusing,
Give me a sign.
Tell me there's something ..
Or if im waisting my time...
luci Nov 2017
as soon as the
last bell rings
i go around classes,
slowly walk downstairs
and finally go home
once i’ve seen you

once i’ve
observed who you’re with,
analyzed how you walk
and the way that you smiled
as our eyes met

i walk around
the hallways
to walk around
your mind

you were able to
smell the blue
of my presence
just like I listen to
the gray of
your absence

i don’t walk around
to see you,
perhaps i do it
for you to see me
Iris Madden Jan 2017
I do not
have to tell you
not to notice me.
Your eyes rest,
and then skim right by features barely holding
a place in your mind.
I like it that way...
...but sometimes
I wish to have
some sort of...
in your life
in your hopes
in your dreams...
I wish
I wasn't so irrelevant
to you...
I sometimes wonder if I am noticed by strangers, the way I sometimes notice strangers..
The Truth Jul 2016
Can you see me, or are you blind?
Maybe I am just an image of your mind?
I think I'm lost, waiting to be found
Stuck in these chains forever bound
Can you see me yet, or is it too late?
I should've took your hand, next time I won't hesitate
Can you see me yet, will you set me free?
I'll see my very soul, If that's the fee
Please see me, I miss the way you'd glance
I'd shine even better if you gave a second chance
Just one look, a glimpse from your eyes
Will give me the feeling of being alive
I'm willing to place it all on a single bet
Just tell me if you can see me yet?
This poem is for those who are shadows in peoples lives. The "little" people who just want people to know, they aren't useless.
Haruhi Mar 2016
I'm hanging onto you like a kitten on a branch.
Calluses appear on my hands like acne on a teen.
Sweat beating down my face, glistening against the sun.
Holding on takes too much.

There is no support system.
No beam.
No ground.
Nothing to lean on.
Holding on takes too much.

I watch you from down here listening to every word.
Hoping I hear you say my name.
I feel the weight on my body grow heavier and pull me down.
Holding on takes too much.

Falling, still gazing back up at you.
Hoping you catch me.
Hoping you notice me.
Hoping you care.
Holding on takes too much.

Depression. Dark and empty.
The only result of chasing you.
Depression the only result of needing you.
Holding on takes too much.
R. I thought of this. Sounds like the two if us right? Any one feel like this?
Sorry if you're a teen and you don't have acne. xD
Mak Waddle Sep 2015
Are they paying attention?
Do they notice how I
Avoid them?
Do they catch me staring?
Do they spy the way I walk?
Do they hear the way I talk?
Did they see my little freak outs?
Did they watch the way I waved?
Are they paying attention?
Do they stare without shame?
I want them to notice.
I want them to see.
I want them care enough
To catalog it in their brains.
I want them to comment.
I want them to speak.
I want them to like me enough
To say what's on their minds.

Are you paying attention?
Do you notice how I
Avoid you?
Do you catch me staring?
Do you spy the way I walk?
Do you hear the way I talk?
Did you see my little freak outs?
Did you watch the way I waved?
Are you paying attention?
Do you stare without shame?
Could you?
Bridget Allyson Sep 2014
I told that when I came out of my mother's womb I was singing.
I was told that I whenever I talk I speak as if I'm telling a story.
When I tried out for every solo in middle school and never got it.
Notice: That never stopped me from singing.
When my best friend ignored my words of wisdom, or told me she didn't get it.
Notice: That never stopped me from writing.
Those plenty of times I've sprained my ankle or was too weak to run another mile.
Notice: It never stopped me from running.
I'm stubborn and that could be a good thing and a bad thing.
I was told by my own family "Shut up, no one cares."
Notice: That didn't stop me from having a voice.
I was afraid to go outside because I was afraid I'd need an ambulance.
Notice: I still went outside.
See when I was a baby I never tried new things.
I didn't take risks.
But I was told that when I came out of my mother's womb I was singing.
Singing to the heavens, singing to the sky, singing all the angel's goodbye.
Notice: Nothing has ever stopped me from believing in myself.
This is a story of me. And I hope my poetry will and stories will teach someone someday.
Drew Jan 2015
I'm always here, beside you,
When will you notice me?
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