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Saphira Rose Dec 2018
And she left her there on the hillside crying out...
Crying out...
Don't leave me here alone...
Please don't leave me alone!
I'm your child, you are my mother, I need you, you are the nurturer.
I'm crying, I'm in bitter pain, you know my worst fear is being alone.

loneliness, loneliness! oh, oh you've come to see me off dear loneliest, haven't you?

The crisp clean air that I have been breathing is slowly tainted with poisoned smoke...
oh, though all smoke is tainted with fear
Come back again and meet me here, for now I am HAUNTED... with fear.
It's not my best but still I put my heart into it.
This was inspired because my mom abandoned me on a hillside before, and I did grow up in a house full of smoke, didn't find out until I was older that smoke is basically poison to my sensitive lungs. I found out the hard way though, so here you go.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

Everyone is a unique seed
with a potential to bloom
into something beautiful
Nurture yourself as pure
and consistent as love itself
Fear no drought
For you are not destined
to wilt before your time
You will have all you need
to get to the stage of flowering
All your God given talents,
known and hidden,
discover, refine, hone

Nothing you possess is wasted. You are unique. Nurture your skills.
Im sorry for the inactivity, I've been finishing late and I'm so exhausted when I get home. I really appreciate all your support.
Thank you so much for 252 followers!
I'm so grateful for all of you!
Much love,
Lyn ***
I think a man by all rights,
Should believe in anything he wants.
But your choice set my fear,

Your inherited freedom
Is on a leash.
Not aware that it tethers  
your children's necks.
A series of short verse for a new illustrated book about Vincent van Gogh.
Examples of work can be seen on IG  - @yellowstonestudio
Isaac Sep 2018
Your reality reflects your heart.
When your heart is warm,
Reality is sweet.
When your heart is cold,
Reality is bitter.
Look after your heart.
Let God nurture it
And restore it.
Come and give it to him.
For it is not the location
Of your body,
But rather,
The location of your heart
That determines your peace.
Keep your heart alive
In the presence of your creator.
Written 20 September 2018
Saudia R Sep 2018
You fed my mind
and I was hoping that
you would feed my heart too

I felt like a fool when I said that to you

All you could do was stare
but in the end
now my mind is clear

No more doubts
or second guesses

No more worries
or jealousy over someone I never had

I can move on from this idea of we
to the idea of me

to cherish myself
nurture my mind
soothe my soul

and when I no longer think of you
when the right one comes along

I wont have to ask
Come take a walk with me and satisfy an old woman’s dignity
by assuring her there are gentlemen still.
Take my hand and let me lean upon you as we move our bones
down Butterfly road.


A dragonfly is lazily circling the pond, see how he catches the sun?
Like a stained glass window at sunset,
casting colours into the dim nave; lighting the unscrupulous knave
and his hyperbole


Silence can be heard young man, but first you must still your blood
Amplify the silence, deafen your passion
In return you’ll demystify the sirens lullabies and nullify lies
Whispered in sensual bedevilment.


Drink in this scene young man, the lazy end to summer
soon she’ll be chased and embraced by Autumn’s leaves
Raked away into a crisp pile
allowing regeneration to begin.


Young man, soon my walk with you will end
but you’ll carry on, up and around the bend
until you feel the chill air
and need to be somewhere warm.


Nothing evokes feelings like those known to the senses
The feel of your love as you hold them,
the sound of their heartbeat rushing in your ears
the heavy scent of *******.
The look of sated happiness in their eyes
and the taste of salty tears as they cry.

Yes, young man all things end.
This talk. This walk.
This summer. The butterfly.
02:35 BST
nish Aug 2018
was i born a poet
or did i become one
i suppose,
these stars were always enchanting
but only now did i learn
how to express that.
Diana Garcia Jul 2018
I can tell he wants me
to show him around,
take him out and show
how him how I get down.
He wants me to smile but
my face is stuck in a frown.

Boy didn’t you notice
when I tried taking you out on the town?
When we rode with my girl C,
you brought your boy V
Then the time I got into a fight that
nobody even got to see
My girl didn’t like you
I wonder, how could that be??

Once upon a time
you were down
to do anything.
Rain or shine.
Doesn’t matter what we do
as long as youre mine.
Lately it feels like youre
wasting my time.
Feels like a one way street.
All of a sudden you
don’t make me feel like a treat

You see I’ve
Taken you out
You know the
life I’m about.
Yet we still
scream and shout
cause now we never
seem to get out
At least not enough
I know at the moment
Life feels a bit rough
But we can’t be consumed
Part of us died
Let it be exhumed
Dust off our shoulders
and hit resume
Let’s start living
& forgiving
Then start stacking up it
to the ceiling
I thought you were my back up
But it’s me that you’re killing

We don’t need to go hard
or spend money at the bar
We don’t even need to go far
Let’s go to guitar center
and pretend to be stars

Im sorry for my ****** mood
But if you don’t try
We’re *******
Annoyed with how loyal I am
Amanda Jul 2018
Nurture me,
touch me gently
and don't worry
if I'm frightened.
I've just felt this feeling
before and it's never
worked out in my favor.
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