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Seán Mac Falls Dec 2018
Scurrilous birds fly by,
To nest in the little painted
Houses left clear for them,
In awkward circles they romp
Their peculiar dramas
With ****** wings.

Do they even witness
The skies revolving canvas,
New masterpieces each day,
How the light shimmers
In the sparkle rays of sun,
How the golden fields,
Of vales in sighted sweep
And dance, airy etudes,
By the windfall gusts
So suddenly arising?

These visions are marks
For but few, who hear time
As it plays in stepped quartets
Of the spiraling seasons song,
For the lone mercies, gifts,
To ones most gentle, merest,
Spirited eyes who gaze deftly,
Deep in sacred days,
From a window.
Apporva Arya Jun 2017
Today m in gratitude,
Thanking for the times I survived.
solution seem to be problems,
& Problems were constant.
When I was afraid of mornings,
& filled with dark inside.
When I was 1 part love,
& 3 part fear.
Oh ! My poor vision.

But today my past is beyond me
& I am new me.
Today I sees deep skies with hopeful eyes.
If I have learned anything in this long life of mine,it is this,in love we find out who we want to be ,in war we found out who we are.
Phoenix Bekkedal Apr 2017
Every beat
Every breath
A miracle
Another beat
Another breath
A miracle
A drop from the sky
Again and again
I’m lucky
I’m lucky to have a heart flowing so well with blood
I’m lucky to have these lungs that grow with every breath
I’m so lucky
I wish I was named Lucky so you could know I see this
And I appreciate
Every beat
Every breath
Hella lucky
I should be named Lucky
I'm so lucky
Dhaara T Apr 2017
It comes often
As a surprise
Wrapped in a warm,
Fuzzy, mint blanket
Of love,
Concern and care
And falls like rain
Causing the flowers
In our garden
To dance in full bloom
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
Walk through the
meadow of mistakes
not to overburden
but to climb through its alp
blunders after blunders
it might seem
but anyways keep climbing
not on the same mistake
but different ones each time
luck will find you a way
sooner to sway
awaiting to reach the
peak amidst the hay
with the ocean breeze
caressing away...
Mistakes are never mistakes
but an insightful vision which saves us..
Damian Murphy Apr 2016
Every once in a while
Every one of us should
Take time out to give thanks for
All in our lives that is good,
To truly appreciate
Just how well off we all are;
How really we have it great,
Could be much worse off by far!
Mark Donnelly Apr 2017
Rolling down the street,
like a die on the table,
what you roll,
is what you get,
the number shows,
surprise arrives,
a hint of beauty cross you,
you can't believe your luck.
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