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Dec 2014
This, is a journal strictly for an open mind. One that's willing to explore the wonders hidden within the ambiguity of reading or writing.Β Β It is for a mind willing to take on thinking about the obscure mysteries of life. The ones that remain taboo to others.

This, is a journal where limits don't exist.Β Β Where worries of others opinions fade into non-existence, for you are in your own matrix right now.

This, is a white canvas waiting to be filled in with the strokes of your brush. A blank slate waiting, eagerly, to be filled in with your naked, non-societial conforming thoughts.
I have this written at the beginning of my journal. I feel this should be at the beginning of everyones journal so they know there should be no limits to their writing.
Tony Scallo
Written by
Tony Scallo
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