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reina empática Aug 2019
Riding out the wave
trying not to fall off and drown
ignoring the call of the void
but wishing i could just dissapear
tripping out or caving in
blacking out
until i lose my self again
holding on until they let go
my soul torn
by the pain i never show
Fight a war I can't win
the same battle I lose over and over again
running from my feelings
hiding from the pain i can't let go
can't accept it if they love me
but can't take it if they hate me
So I run before I here those three dreaded words
"I love you"
but how can you love me if I hate me?
I guess I'll never know...
reina empática Aug 2019
From the day I met you
I have wondered
when the time would come
for it to be the right time
or when time would run out
I knew it couldn't last forever
Friendship is better than empty space
But you didn't want any
you don't even have the courage to say it
to my face
I prayed to God
to give me strength
not to denounce everything
in your face
He has at least given me that
And by you hiding you
I used to wonder what life would be like
when your gone
It's pretty obvious
I'd have the chance
to be myself
and not try to make you happy
by hurting myself
I want you to be happy
and if that means I need to disappear
then so be it
I'll be here if you ever need it
But with your confidence
I'm sure you won't
I knew it was too good to be true
It had to end sometime
But I didn't know how
I know I need you
as much as you need me⁠
I thought I meant something to you
I tried to ride it out with you
Something from nothing
turned everything to nothing
I'll disappear
like everything we didn't have
I guess I was never there
It's ok
It won't make a difference
I know you don't care
and you never will
What's a ride or die...
When there's nothing
to ride it out on?
Can't be gone
if it was never
I saw something in you
I didn't see in anyone else
I'd swear on my life
but even though facts prove I do;
I guess I don't have one
I expected someone to leave me,
but I'd never guess it'd be you
You killed me with my own knife
It's an illusion
my life isn't of my choosing
but if it's an illusion,
who's to say you're real?
and not of my imagination
but even my imagination
couldn't imagine someone as fake as you
Empty space
is all that's replaced you
but you don't exist
so i guess i've been empty all along
So, here's to our friendship
that we didn't have
and cheers to the many more
that you never will
Treat them the same way you treated me
you'll see
What it never was
is what it could be
reina empática Aug 2019
I see it.
Don't hide it.
The pain she puts you through,
Every time I look at you,
All i see is your ocean eyes.
Sailor's warning,
Storms ahead,
Sky's black,
Ocean's red.
Sharks aren't the ones killing you.
It's the air you breathe,
the sky you see.
You sing a different tune
when your dead
Keep it inside,
hum in your head.
the sharks won't **** you this time,
they're dead.
You're evaporating,
only to fall back down again,
even harder
acid rain
lightning's attracted to water,
but it's not the touch that kills,
it's the electricity between.
Sure, its magnetic but it's deadly .
You never know you're dead
until you're gone.
Every time I look at you,
all i see is your ocean eyes.
I'd say I'm sinking,
but i can't stop swimming.
I'd say I'm drowning,
but I'm the one swimming.
Mermaid underwater;
I see it all from below.
She puts the mask on
to get the five-star show.
I love your ocean eyes,
but the sky ***** the water right out.
Once it's all gone,
It'll all be over.
Dead inside,
soul drought.
But she wouldn't do that,
she always puts just enough back
to do it again.
Mass destruction
death all around.
Apocalyptic love
Call it a cyclone,
call it a hurricane.
this is a shortened version
reina empática Jun 2019
A thousand years to freedom
and yet I'm still in chains.
Fifteen years of life
Yet I still wanna die.
Whether I scream silently,
Or I scream aloud,
No one hears my cries.
They tell me it's just a matter of perspective;
That I should just see the world with different eyes.
Is it my fault that I see the world
through a broken lens?
How do I remember what the sun looks like
when I've only ever been in the dark?
Hope is fading and so am I...
Everyone leaves and the pain never ends
How do I live when all I wanna do is die?
reina empática Jun 2019
You see us rising
so you wanna squash us
You stare in awe as we reach up
Soon to touch the skies
You can't meet our gazes
When you realize there's no fear in our eyes
Borders are nothing and walls can't hold us
We'll get to freedom even if it takes a million tries
You pretend to be deaf
As if you can't hear our cries
You think we're small, invisible
But no—No, we're here
and we will RISE, RISE, RISE
reina empática Jun 2019
I'm moving forward,
I'm done making dumb mistakes, I say
But you remember what happens last time?
You turned into a mindless *****, she says
This is the voice in my head
that I try so desperately to ignore
She stands for all I hate, and destroys all I adore
I want to rise, and she wants to fall
I wanna move forward, but she doesn't wanna move at all
I'm trying to go to heaven, but she wants to roast marshmallows on the fires of hell
I end things on a positive note,
but with her things never end well (If at all)
I crave stability, but she craves chaos
I hold on too tightly, she can't hold on
I want love, she wants loss
She wants less and I want more
How do I fix it when its me that I abhor?
reina empática May 2019
Bound by expectations
that I'm never gonna meet
Chained by society
but yet they say I'm free
I swear I'm human
yet the person everyone wants; isn't who I wanna be
Held down by my own limits
but the only one setting them is me
Caged by fate
but I'm the catalyst of my own destiny
Restrained by my mind
but I see what I wanna see
wish it'd just change,
but the only one who can change it is me
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