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JMo Nov 2015
So far away but yet you are my only dream,
Every piece of your heart is my desire,
We don't even speak the same language,
We connect and it is only TRUE,

I trust you because I know God in you,
We already know it is going to happen,
We do not know when,
One day soon I am only excited to hear your lips whisper....

JMo Aug 2015
Always feeling the need to meet up to umm I dk so,
Finding out what is next is only up to me,
Pulling the meaning of my expression out in front of you,

Oh it sounds so great but is so hard,

Writing out my heart to pound out my expression,
You will find out tomorrow before you see the flowers turn,
Praying for a chance to prove myself to umm I dk so,

It feels like a message in the sand sometimes,

Sometimes I just want to lay down my pen and give up,
No because whenever I feel like giving up  you show how to not,
Just by taking a breath which is a new start to always be strong enough!
JMo Aug 2015
Live life without limits with a new breath,
It can give you the freedom to do anything your heart desires,
Of course, such claims in advertising never really mean all they say,
Who ever heard of living life without limits?

Millions, however, think they are doing just that,
HaHa most of them don’t even own a Cadillac,
Most have rejected the authority and relevance of the Bible,
Claiming that it is outdated,

Extramarital ***, abortion on demand, and homosexual practices,
These are NOT acceptable,
People have become their own authority on what is right and wrong. And they call that freedom!

True freedom is not a matter of living any way we want to,
It's living within Jesus Christ’s laws and enjoying the benefits,
When we repent of our sin and receive Jesus as our Savior,
We are given eternal life!!!

We can have fellowship with God,
We are set free to live according to the Spirit and not the flesh,
A life devoted to Jesus Christ is best!
It is better than a life without limits could ever be!

True freedom is living for Jesus Christ...
JMo Jul 2015
Where is that embrace?
Where's your shadow?
Where do you walk with your feet?

Even with my mind insane
Already I sang all the antiphons
To escape this wilderness
I sang ...

If your love is arcane
Your mouth is sterile,
Your longing is a dilemma
And your smile is as arid as the hinterland

Where does your flower bud?
Where pulsating the crimson?
Where freezes your blood?

There are thousands of black holes in the vastness of the universe
In your heart...

Who can ****** it?
Who can transform it?
Who can muzzle it?

Your hands are caustic
Your perfume is wistful
Your eyes are apex...
Where can I overflow with love, if not in America?!
By Damaris
JMo Jul 2015
A few minutes into the conversation a spark of debate happens,
Twisting and turning inside both of us trying to hold back,
Moment to Moment conflict continues to arise,
Placing the center of conversation on what?

Taking a breath to realize one thing,
Are you joking?
One moment into another conflict arises,
Really now are you joking?

Coming into a final breath to say,
Grow up and learn that being smart is good,
Grow up and do not hide,
Get down and give it all up so God can heal.
JMo Jun 2015
I’ve received a lot of good advice in my life
“Life is not made by the dreams that you dream but by the choices that you make”
My life today is the sum total of all the choices I’ve made up to this point

In any given situation, we have a whole continuum of choices—ranging from really rotten choices
To the mediocrity of average choices
To choices that are good and then to those that are excellent
God wants to move us across the continuum
Past my natural impulses all the way to excellent choices

Excitement mixed with Caution
You came from nowhere
The Beautiful lady I dream of is who you are
It begins by discovering who you are

We connected to soon in the wrong way
Becoming confused happened more and more
Truth became weaker as Passion became stronger
1 wait 2 and 3 times in just a few days of knowing each other

Wow we were wrong
Love became and then got crushed
It was oh so good with
More and more confusion

You are truly wonderful
You are you
I just want to love you for you

I do not need to prove myself to you
Very sorry I am
All I want to do is serve you in real love
Through God and God alone

Mistakes have been made
Learned from
Gods presence never leaves us
So today we will thank God together
JMo Jun 2015
We connected and browsed each others hearts,
Connecting in Gods heart first,
Speaking nothing but blessing to each other,
We came together as family in a moment,

We connected again a week later and the fire of Gods love consumed us,
We spent the entire night full of joy with our group of friends,
Late in the night God gave us a connection,
Real change happened through our faith,

Dreams grew and blessings flow between us,
Life is a journey that we are growing in together,
Our friendship is truly a life changing story,
Growing into a future of...
We met, We connected, We are blessed, We are His, We are True, We are Magnificent, We are Beautiful, We are Full of Love
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