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Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Six

There are no limitations inside your mind;
There are no limits to your potential.
I know you have found your calling; I think poetry is mine.
I think I could become a poet, but I could never be instrumental.

I need to write words because inspiration compels me.
I love to write words; be they about happiness or misery.
I need to speak of love, because I want it to be my destiny.
I love to speak of my love for Kawehi,
Because I love her music and I am in search of a woman called empathy.

If you can do it live, then your music will be alive!
It will exist wherever you play it and with you I am enthralled.

Bewitched by your spell, I am all done writing these rhymes,
Because your YouTube Mix is playing other people’s music now,
So I will continue to tell you I love you, another time…  
Au revoir to you all.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Five

You’re taking me back, to back in the day.
I love this Garbage music; you can still create a smile upon my face.
Pour some misery down on me and I will find a way,
To be happy when I am sad and I will be happy when it rains.

I should be in the kitchen, but I cannot drag myself away.
I should be doing other things, but they are not a priority.
I should stop writing new parts, to my Kawehi poetry,
But you inspire me to do more; you breathe life into me.

I am an angel who will be destroyed and my world may disappear,
But I was happy at least once, because I was able to hear.
I have known of love and I have known of a love lost,
So I am still depressed;
But I could believe in a thing called love again,
If I could find my own Radiohead.

Is she pop? Is she rock?
I think she is whatever she wants to be at that time.
Am I really here, or am I gone?
For this must be what Heaven sounds like,
To this poet who cannot lie.

Left high and dry by love, but I will find my way home;
Love is where my heart belongs, so I must find my way.
Make the sadness sound beautiful; I have a place I can go,
To escape from the world and all it has to offer…
Lost love is such a price to pay.

She is the best that I have ever heard;
The image of love I see in her.
The wish I have is for my next woman to compare;
But I have my doubts that anyone ever could,
So I will remain unaware.
I do not know my next love, but I know I love Kawehi;
Music for my mind has been created in the 21st century.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Four

I breathe in your music to me whole;
I’m letting go of falling away.
Poptastic!  No such thing as plastic inside my heart-shaped soul.
I fill it with your songs and my reality is now a happier place.

Help me; I’m locked up on the inside.
Help me; to let love complete me and show me what I have lost.
Help me; I need to find my heart a home in which it can happily reside.
You help me, get me closer to God.

Time drifts away as I listen to your sounds;
Funky dancer, pink guitar; leave me here to fall.
I cannot be lifted because I am happy to stay down,
But listening to Kawehi raises my heart and I can rise once more.

I see a Sia Chandelier song by Kawehi,
As I stay here watching YouTube;
1,2,3 and I am silenced, by your silence…
Speechless you leave me because I am lost inside of your light.
Beauty sounds like you; in a woman with a guitar I could confide.

Secretly, love does not like me,
But with a woman like you I could try once more;
Unfortunately, there are no others like you, for you are unique.
An empty wish; a lying dream.  All I have is worth nought;
But I can listen to you whenever I want to, so I can still find peace.

Iamkawehi.  You are somebody that I would like to know;
But we have never met and we never will, I guess.
Still here I sit with a smile on my face at home,
Because if love sounds like this,
Then hopefully I can find my own music-minded muse to kiss.

Real garage music; connect the numbered dots.
I am happy ever after I have found this place to be happy.
I could write you a thousand poems so easily,
But I just can’t write a song;
So I experience music through your eyes and I love what I see.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Three

No-one can be like Kawehi; but if you listen to her with me,
You will see the smile on my face and maybe, just maybe,
You will realise the love I have to give, is here inside your arms.
Hold me and never let go and in the morning set no alarm.
Let’s wake up together when we are fully rested,
So we can spend another day down with the gifted.

Yea-----h!!!  You rock!
I love her music…Mrs. Beatbox.
She can pick the right song and make it better.
I don’t have a new complaint; I am all apologies to any other.

Pop bands can try and try, but they will never be good enough.
Kawehi wins hands down; my soul has been shaken.
Throw down your remixing tools, because they have begun to rust.
If you want a song to be improved, she just makes it happen.

I am in nirvana, with Nirvana,
But when I hear Lucy leaving me to Kawehi’s wonders;
I just think she could never understand me,
So now she is just a memory.
My world revolves around my soul and you drown out all the thunder;
Noise only exists inside my headphones and you are no fictional reality.

No tomorrow could compare to the day I found your songs;
It’s a very, what?  Happy birthday!

So surprised to find you there,
Beneath the sounds of those who do it right
And you are able re-write the bad band’s wrong’s.
All you do is right to me and what more can I say?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Two

You are not the most famous singer;
Adele may be, but you are a wow!
You make a song, one piece at a time, even better.
I am addicted to your sound; you have a hold on my soul.

Come with me and dislike Britney,
But sing her songs to show her what she could and should have been.
I want a mind-meld connection to listen to your tunes,
So you can see how much I love the music you make
And all those things that you do.

Entice me into your covers and sing a song we know;
I think, I truly have found my soulful soul a new musical home.
You make it look so simple, but it is so unbelievable;
The music you make is perfect and unforgettable!

I guess I just can’t explain the way you make me feel! Oh!
You are my afternoon delight and you make the morning sun shine.
You bring a little bit of joy into my heart and how the time goes,
When I am having fun.
I am not Spartacus!  IamKawehi!  
And I love my mind.

Take all of my love; I have an endless supply for you.
I will just leave your voice on repeat and close my eyes and dream.
Wishing I could find more music, that is new,
But nobody is as good as you to my ears;
So I will play your music, time and time again and I will feel at ease.

Deeper I sink into the world of Kawehi;
If you want to love me, then you must share her empathy.
She rises with the machines and loves music so much;
A digital heart, under the headphones, sending out the sounds of love.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part One

I believe in you with all of my robot heart.
From the first time I heard your sound, my mind was sent so far;
Throughout space and time, there goes my mind!
To a place I had always wanted to find and with you I have arrived.

Oh my Goddess, you rock!
Play that funky beat and watch my jaw drop!
Oh so cool; you’re so new school.
Capable of anything; mix it up and change all the rules.

Press those buttons, you are so switched-on,
To a new style of music; to another style of song.
So robotic, so electronic;
Take their music and simply re-write and improve upon it.

Kawehi is so far above any other female bands I have heard;
If I could only listen to three bands,
It would be Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Her.
I have found my soul, it is sat happily listening to you;
All your songs sound amazing and your voice is so in tune and so true.

The way you take a song and make is yours,
Inspires me to try to show you what is mine.
These are my words; I want to hear yours on tour.

I want to believe I have found my place to be heard.
In front of you, on my knees, hands aloft;
We are not worthy!  Of a sound so pure.

You make the music become better and without a mistake,
You sing so beautifully, that you bring a smile to my sad face.
You have stolen my heart in your own special way;
I could never do you justice with my words,
But I hope you are here to stay.

I see a star through my telescope and you are flying high.
Closer brought me to you, when love had never been so far away.
Let me clone you, so I can have a love of my own,
With your all-seeing eyes.
Such a beautiful place to be; inside that mind of yours.
Beauty personified; you leave me amazed.  It is you I adore.

Go make a song with Trent, for that would be music to my ears;
If I was able to make music, I would make it with you.

I would have, could have, should have,
Been listening to your music for years!
But now, at last, I have found your music;
So I have found my new love, spoken by a woman I never knew.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

— The End —