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Yule Feb 2019
I believe we once met
in a faraway land,
on a different epoch,
and only your name resounds
recalling us back to this time
'I recognized your soul at first glance'
Oh hear the sound of the wind
the echoes are the only ones
that transcribe the beats of our hearts
retracing us back to epiphany
that we were once in love
in a different place in time
'we are etched into each other's entity'

— I miss you each and everyday
190205; 12:54 AM

Yule Aug 2018
'You are my star, but we all reach that point in life that we no longer wish into one.'

Moving forward to a year, I trace upon the letter I wrote for you.

With the smile on my face, I look up the night sky.  I am reminded of how your eyes shine brightly at the scene, and the mole beneath your eye resembles so much of the dots laid up high.

I let out a big sigh. How different it is by this time...

I realized now that we are two of the same; two bright stars. Glowing and burning embers on their own.

We're both coexisting to shine, though we cannot meet for one of us fell for the other too deep already.

A falling star, I cried to you; a shooting star.

How can our stars align? Our paths and distance don’t comply. Far and far across galaxies. You blinded me by that sight. My light cannot compare to yours.

My dearest, you shot too high up the skies to live on your dreams.

And mine just remained being one.

Yule Aug 2018
I consider him as "my last"
But I know it can be changed
It won't happen

Rather, In my heart
He is someone that will last
180723; 4:53 AM

Yule Aug 2018
I just feel so homesick all the time, whenever you're not here with me. I just count on the days on the ticking of the clock. Till you come by the doorstep, back home to me.

— waiting for a moment that will never happen
You're my Home

Yule Aug 2018
I'll just stay up
since I cannot
let you off my mind.

— wide awake in thoughts of you
Yule Jul 2018
But like the sun, you're miles away
A star, light years far throughout
I believe we are not existing in the same universe

These are just inside my head
As I keep missing the thoughts of you;
we remain as fragments of my imagination

As it is estimated impossible for you
to be within my grasp—
The universe does not wish for us to exist
part 2 of 'Midnight and the Stars'

180615; 12:17 AM

Yule Jul 2018
You keep me up with thoughts of you
like any other nights
When I think of how your eyes
would wrinkle up to the sides of your face
as you let out a genuine smile

With my fingers evident with smudged lead,
and words flow on paper
of how ethereally beautiful you are

How your existence would surpass tenfold
the radiance of the passing cars
of the busy midnight streets

Oh I just wish to spend a night awake in your arms,
with my fingers in between yours
under the covers of my sheets
The bed doesn't make me want to sleep

They couldn't give me comfort
unlike your smile
that can bring the sun rays to shame
You could not compare to thousand starlights

Your eyes surrender to sleep
And your feeble yawn—
Let us call it the night
180615; 12:15 AM

Yule Jul 2018
I count the busy lights of each car passing by this late city night. How I wish that for a singularity— we could have that smidge of a chance.
How you and I would pass by each other swift as chasing cars.

— at least we met;
You keep me up every night.

180615; 12:21 AM

Yule Jul 2018
Should I really put faith in myself? But the thought of you being miles away from me, how can I even assure I can look after you the way I can make you stay? The way that you'll want to choose me?
180616; 11:28 AM

Yule Oct 2018
stuck between
the realms of the past
hopefulness for the future
180618; 5:19 PM

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