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n-khrennikov Sep 8
I close my eyes and take you here,
I am lost in your brown eyes ...

I close my hands and I feel your body,
My breath take in your every breath.
You are the sea, I am a small harbor
In the waves whispers your hair, somewhere I live ...

Far away,
listening to the waves on the boat,
I call your name again and again before the dawn.
n-khrennikov Aug 2018
May with unspoken words
this needle ***** drops of blood
weave lace-like red threads
in a white pattern of silence.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Mar 6
Every Winter sows life,
Every Spring reaps,
and a smile has been engraved with sadness.
The lighting path of the city
cleanup the forest in my eyelids,
and with things I think I am lost,
love living alone
you give me your vision.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Feb 11
Sleep with me, my love
between the still life that with redundant art
and more of this love,
a rag of civilization.

In your hands miraculously becomes
the best of night costume.
Each centimeter theme of hurtful heart,
double embroidered wound closed ..
of your finger, our light removed
Two white moons for your children
lighting the last time, revelations of the world.

Sleeping with the fairies, fairytales
The magic was solved, the dream was better,
Daughter of spring, Son of summer!

In the morning, knee time
Will burn every key and key
and my old face.
The prison of my mirror smashed.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Jan 6
like an empty beach,
Loneliness nesting ...
that the sea to bring

And gentle night
comfort and pain,
as If lighting all the candles
Sun wreath becomes Death arrow

And in the context of joyful world
sweet like the moon,
white body
   sad dress ...

And like a beautiful dead
like sleeping,
the shroud is light,
I was burned but remembered ...
~ NK
n-khrennikov Dec 2018
A lot of things want to leave in her arms, but it is time for my waves to go to it is roots. Safe and sweetness ... That is too much to taste her kisses.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Nov 2018
Goodbye silently,
quietly as the poison
on lips the snow between …
Without killing anything poisoning everything.
A giant spider - called “Wait”
wrap your victim in cocoon
By providing an easy dinner
in the desert.
Children of the night, with distant star eyes
to carve a dream in the middle of nowhere,
That dream did not belong.
~ NK

n-khrennikov Nov 2018
The sky in your eyes beautifies your soul
Relax the wings when you scream in the sound of your heart,
and I can hold it in your arms.

In your hair every anxiety is sleeping,
fear is extinguished when I touch and touch
Oh, on my fingers eager to travel
wildly, that calls me to appear.

And if I fall and fall on you,
I will become a storm on the shore,
scattered on the sand spread out
to burn your feet in silence.

I will become a sun, rain to ask you
clouds to drink and hide
the sweet tears that burn your belly
From the hills of life to death.

That, your eyes are a ticket for me
to participate in the places praised,
in the sky my wings spread out
and the only thing I ask, is to return to earth.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Nov 2018
My divine, my divine is her soul. My mundane madness tends to the death of the soul.
~ NK
n-khrennikov Nov 2018
The flames were extinguished after night storm, leaving only ashes and smells of smoke.
n-khrennikov ©
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