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Fox Friend Apr 2018
Maybe one person
can't change The World,
but you melted into my life
and the world (mine, at least)
was never the same.

Changed, by you.
yellow-thoughts Jan 2018
sometimes emptiness is so heavy
you feel nothing while feeling everything
it's a wild ride in empty dessert
it's hot while you're shivering
it's wet while there aren't any water
like having wings while you can't fly
like swimming in the air and drowning
when you know everything and can't say anything
MoonDancingKitty Jan 2018
I stood on the top of my world

I saw as far as the human eye could
I smelled the flowers and the trees
I heard the birds and the leafs
I felt the wind on my skin

The wind was playing with my hair
The noises took me away
The scent made me dream of flowery fields
The sight took my breath away

I heard the waves crashing
I tasted the salt on my lips, my doubts falling apart
The sun was blinding, but I was still
I was watching with my heart

Thinking about everything and nothing
My world was small, but beautiful
A stunning view, which cleared my mind
Which opened up my soul

I stood there on Cherry Tree Hill
Pagan Paul Jan 2018
And I stumble on across the barren land,
the mist, like a shroud, about me swirls,
chipped flint rocks assault my bare feet,
an endless quarry of slate grey, my world.

So the curtain of sadness and submission falls,
covering my mind with an opaque funeral drape,
the hazy images of the isolated and desolate,
forming the features of depressions landscape.

Vaguely felt, the invasion of another waits,
blind and innocent in a palace of real fear,
set free to roam in a strange arid topography,
desperate times pause for vision to be clear.

A stark scene viewed through teardrops frozen,
by ice winds of piercing calamity and despair,
of a place exclusive to the disaffected and lonely,
the last retreat for an exhausted mind to repair.

And this is my world where the haunted party,
leave me be with my cold mists and grey stone,
the frozen tear for a souvenir means everything,
my special gift, the feeling of being utterly alone.

© Pagan Paul (24/01/18)
Some people slip into a black hole when depression strikes but this poem is where I go when it affects me badly.
I'm OK, just writing about it whilst I can.
Amanda Dec 2017
Every kiss brings butterflies,
Sends shivers down my spine,
Every kiss makes my world brighter,
Makes the sunlight shine.

Every kiss makes me weak,
My nerves tingle and jive,
Every kiss is magical,
They make me feel alive.

Every kiss is wonderful,
The only thing that is real,
Every kiss amazes me,
When our lips touch it's all I feel.
in some people's eyes you might be nothing
but in my eyes you're my world
Valerie Jul 2017
I forgot what it was like to be happy

until you painted my whole world with colors.
Alexander Daniel May 2017
Hey young man get up
Stop laying in bed doing nothing
You have a lot of work to do
You have to become a true man
Laying in bed is doing nothing for you
You think you have it all
You don't even have a dollar to your name
Where is your fire and passion
You need to get up and get whats yours
I promise you the world will someday be yours
You just have to believe in yourself
You need to learn to cook for yourself
You need to learn how to provide for yourself
You need to move out although I love you
I love to see you succeed
Instead of succeeding back to this **** bed
Some days I feel like a child. I just need to wake up with the same fire and passion everyday and get what is mine.
Michaela Ferris Feb 2017
If someone gave me the chance to change how my life went,
With so many times I wish to forget,
I honestly don’t think I would
Because heaven knows if I would have met you.

Can we just escape and forget this world?
Maybe just tonight or only in my head,
I’ll meet you where the waves hit the shore
And kiss you underneath the light of a thousand stars.
Would you please stay with me in a dream world for tonight
And just say that you won’t disappear when I awake?

If I had the chance to make this distance between us shorter,
I don’t know if I would take that chance just yet
I don’t think I would
Because it’s made me treasure my time with you so much more.

I wish I could tell you how you make me feel;
As if I’ve finally found somewhere I can belong.
I wish I could tell you that you mean the world to me
And that I only will ever want you.
If I tried to be so honest with my feelings towards you,
Could you promise not to turn the other way?

If I had the chance to take all your worries away,
Even if that meant letting you go,
I think I would
Because I would rather you be happy, even if that is you better off without me.

So I’ll tell you that you always make my heart race,
You always manage to brighten up my darkest days.
I miss you more each time we’re apart
So look forward to the next time I can be with you.
If I could tell you the truth to your face instead of hiding,
I would tell you that I love you more than anything and feel so lucky just to have you in my life.
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