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yellow-thoughts Jan 2022
let's close our eyes and immerse into
some sweet lingering thoughts in the air
while the space in between is empty
and silence cannot reach out of it
we'll jump on the next free cloud

are you ready to spill your imagination?
use the bucket which is on your neck
sliding under the unpleasantries
in search for your destinies voice
but no dream can give you a straight answer

wait a while here for an idea to disappear
because that's what you get
lying in the labyrinth of your mind
sit straight while I do the work
setting this dream on the right rode
yellow-thoughts Apr 2020
sun is hitting my skin
not only my skin
but all of us
especially on mornings
sudden kick in a face
thats why most people
hate mornings
who thought that sun is the bully
yellow-thoughts Apr 2020
when you're not heart broken
what's there to write about
probably i have to look for happy things
but finding feelings is little harder
than pouring unwanted love on the page
yellow-thoughts Nov 2019
the worst best friend of mine
comes to sleepovers
but never wants to leave them
she's obsessed over the past
talking about memories
but mostly she's quiet
she's just there with me
it doesn't sound so bad
but when she leaves
i feel relief, like i can breathe again
after a long time i gave up
asking her to leave

sadness   comes   and    goes   as   she    pleases
yellow-thoughts Nov 2019
distant scream so far away
but ohh how close to you're heart
how about checking the source?
moments of silence and a thought
suggesting sudden road change
where and why...

you're scared of unknown?
ohh but i know so well why


the PossibilITY
yellow-thoughts Nov 2019


found some drafts :////
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