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Clarence Linden Sep 2018
let's take days slower

we'll achieve even more

let's create a loving nest

can we do forever faster?

and live happily ever after
Clarence Linden Sep 2018
what starts as a seed is soon a wave,
can it be my mind playing tricks on me?
i doubt it, but i doubt myself
there is no one feeling that surmises them all
an accumulation of multiple strands of random thoughts
forcing me to see the the dark,
i may not get to sleep tonight
but then tomorrow, light
Clarence Linden Sep 2018
slivers of rain
dance over the pavements
as we cruise through your domain
food trucks teasing glorious scents
it makes no sense
to continue with the pain
but we do with furious intents
for the most minimal, marginal of gains
flying past street walkers with looks of disdain

— The End —