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Charly Lou Davis Aug 2016
Strong roots give you wings,
so you can learn to leave behind
what you’ll gladly come back to.

Love will raise you up,
so you can discover destiny
without fear of falling.

Nowhere is as everywhere,
and no-one is as everything
as this home and family of yours.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
In peaceful moments
we touch our present and past;
the memories that
made us who we are; all the
love, light, pain and dark of us.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
Silver and grey the rain that falls
On Canary Wharf.
It pools in pavements of concrete and steel,
Ripples through dark water holding up the ships
That loom on my horizon.
Glass mountains open to black and blue pinstripes
As I weave between slow-moving bodies.
Was it always this way,
Or is the grey more grey
Now I’ve felt in full colour?
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
True love is selfless;
It doesn't force forevers,
try to control you
or take more than it gives back.
It won't bring darkness, or pain.

True love will heal you,
It doesn't steal from your soul
to feed it's own heart.
You can plant roots in safety,
Grow wings and be free to fly.

True love will scare you
with the fierceness you feel
as your soul awakes.
It's like coming home, falling
into the right forever.

True love is so rare
that it doesn't come easy,
but if you find it
you will know. Grasp it, hold it,
protect it and nurture it.
I think it's easy to fall in love and think it's the real deal, even multiple times. You can throw your whole heart into something and try to make it work, but until you understand how liberating true love can be, you don't know what you're missing out on.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
I searched hidden paths
in the dark forest for you,
cut my heart on thorns
wound around your sleeping soul,
but you, my love, never wake.

This sword is heavy
in my trembling hands, they ache
to let go as I
fight my fears, turn to face
the dragon you hide inside.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
In the night I go to places  
my day self fears to tread,
Where secret aches and longings claim
their space inside my head.

Too easily I lose the fight  
Give up my self control,
Yield reason, faith and innocence
to yearnings of my soul.

In the night I steal past conscience  
to find my terror tree,
Pick a poisonous fruit that tastes
like life and death to me.

My closed eyes are forced to take in    
all that I fear to see,
I’m drowning, bleeding, burning the
frail bones of inner me.

The spell breaks when I awaken
fractured or still the same,
My mind revealing or hiding
what I can’t bear to name.
Charly Lou Davis Jul 2016
It's bittersweet dear,
pleasing you with these smiles
so warm and empty.
We're safer this way, so I'll
keep swallowing the words that
you don't want to hear me say.
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