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Pleased to Meet You
California    Poems are the best accidents. I want to write truths. I want this to be my livelihood. I need the sun to shine once more.


Nice meet.
To there! to to meet hi you meet nice to.
Hey there meet there to hi hi hey you;
It's there! meet it's.
Hey hi to hey to to to it's to hey.

Hi hey hey;
Hi to hi hi to to to to to hi there there it's it's meet there! hi hey it's it's meet hi to hey;
Hey hi;
There you meet there!
Hey it's hi;

Meet you you there there meet.
Hey meet there!
To to hi hey it's hi to you it's it's hi meet it's meet there hey hi hi to to nice to hey.
To meet.
Hi hey you;

There! hey to you to hi to it's meet hey it's to there.
To hi.
To to you to it's;
There it's;
There to to hi to it's hi to hey it's you hi;

Hey meet hey;
You nice to to hey to meet hi to there hi hi;
To nice hey;
Meet to.
You hey nice hi hi hi;