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Nice meet.
To there! to to meet hi you meet nice to.
Hey there meet there to hi hi hey you;
It's there! meet it's.
Hey hi to hey to to to it's to hey.

Hi hey hey;
Hi to hi hi to to to to to hi there there it's it's meet there! hi hey it's it's meet hi to hey;
Hey hi;
There you meet there!
Hey it's hi;

Meet you you there there meet.
Hey meet there!
To to hi hey it's hi to you it's it's hi meet it's meet there hey hi hi to to nice to hey.
To meet.
Hi hey you;

There! hey to you to hi to it's meet hey it's to there.
To hi.
To to you to it's;
There it's;
There to to hi to it's hi to hey it's you hi;

Hey meet hey;
You nice to to hey to meet hi to there hi hi;
To nice hey;
Meet to.
You hey nice hi hi hi;
Mollee Nelson Jul 2016
Dear Daddy,
you found out mommy was pregnant. you told her how happy you was and how you would always be there. you said that you was excited and loved us both, you said you couldn’t wait until you finally got to meet me.
i can’t wait to meet you either Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i heard mommy crying and really upset.
she said something about another women.
she said she hated you.
but don’t worry I’m still here
i can’t wait to meet you Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i was just born, you gave my soul a look that said you would always be there
you helped mommy give me a name!
Mollee Ann Langemkamp
wow today was great.
I finally got to meet you Daddy!

Dear daddy,
im a day old and you already are mad at mommy infront of me.
i can’t see you but i can hear your anger.. i can feel your anger
Mommy gave me a have a new name
Mollee Ann Nelson
I guess we will have to meet again Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
i can remember you and mommy fighting over me.
you dragged her down the driveway while she was in the car.
my brother drove after us.
he wanted to **** you
your lucky i looked over my shoulder to stop him.
Because if i didn't.. then Bubby said you would have met god...

Dear Daddy,
its christmas and boy am i excited.
I’m five and begged Mommy for this new dress.
i hope you come this time.
this time i have a good feeling.
maybe ill get to see you and meet your new girlfriend!

Dear Daddy,
its christmas again.
I’m six.
you called.
but you didn’t show.

Dear Dad,
you have been missing a lot of visits
i don’t know why
i cry a lot over you
why aren’t you here..
Did i do something dad..

dear dad,
im 10.
you called mommy asking why she was trying to put you in jail.
you got mad so you ended the call
you called back
i think it was the first time i heard your voice in almost a year.
the first words you said to me were “hey brat how old are you now?”
brat.. rung in my ears..

Dear Chris,
i haven’t heard from in you in two years.
im 12
you fought to get custody of me
the judge didn’t allow it but he let you visit
five hours max
i cancelled a lot
so did you

Dear Chris,
its been four years
i can barely remember what you sound like

dear ***** donor,
you contacted me the morning of my 18th birthday
i went off
you tried to make me feel bad
i didn’t give a ****

I was given someone who decided they would no longer care. They would bail out before i could correctly form words into sentences. I was given a father who as barely even a stranger in my life.
But i was also given a brother who made my life much different..

dear Bubby,
You found out mom was pregnant.
Boy was that a shocker huh, 20 years apart from you will be fun!!!!
I can't wait to meet you!

Dear Bubby,
You was there to help mom when she was crying about Daddy and a woman.
Wow i can tell your going to be a great brother!
I can't wait to meet you!

Dear Bubby,
You was there when i was born.
you were so excited to meet me.
You told mom she was making a mistake by letting me take my fathers last name.
You and him meet with a lady to fix the problem.

Dear Bubby,
Mollee Ann Nelson
Our last name
Wow Bubby i think its so cool you helped mom
Its like meeting a whole new me

Dear Bubby,
Mom fell out of the car when Daddy was backing out of the drive way.
You were really mad.
You told Daddy he was going to meet god.

Dear Bubby,
I know you want me to spend christmas with our family but Its Daddys turn to have me.
Boy am i excited
Im five and i begged mommy for that new velvet dress you like so much.
I have a good feeling Daddy will come this time.
Im supposed to meet his girlfriend but you seem unamused.

Dear Bubby,
Its christmas again.
Im six and you cuddle me while i sob because daddy didn't show...again
You called saying i would have a new sister to meet.. Thats a good gift i guess..

Dear Bubby,
Every visit he missed you were there..
You held me close and told me it wasn't my fault..
You knew he was braking my heart
You knew you would meet a different person.

Dear Bubby,
Do you remember how angry i was when he hung up.
When i questioned why he didn't want to talk to me?
But don't worry he called me back.
He didn't even remember how old i was..
Its like we were meeting at a reunion..

Dear Bubby,
We were both confused when he tried to get custody of me back.
We laughed and the judge must have too.
He was allowed five hours max
I cancelled on you because i was in power to do so.
Your meets will have to wait

Dear Bubby,
I don't remember what he even sounds like..
Do you?

Dear Bubby,
I remember how happy you were for me when i was finally able to tell my ***** donor how i felt about him.
To bad it had to wait until i was 18 huh!
Sorry this is so long <3
R E Sadowski  Mar 2013
Meet Me...
R E Sadowski Mar 2013
Meet me in the streetlight

Meet me in the sky

Meet me in the wrinkled grass

Meet me in the high.

Let's meet under lashes

Let's meet in the dust

Let's meet where it’s burnt and stale

Let's meet amidst the trust.

I’ll see you in just a little while

Hiding in my poem

I’ll see you through the pinkest glass

I’ll see you and you alone.

Find me in the smoke

And then find me in the shade

Find me when there’s no one else

I’ll be killing the charade.

Come searching on my doorstep

Come longing for my tugs

Come bury what you mustn’t know

Come cringing at my lungs.

Meet me at the crime scene

Meet me in the dark

Meet me when it’s the end of ends

In the moment of the spark.
Mark Kelley  Feb 2019
Meet Me
Mark Kelley Feb 2019
“Meet Me”

Meet me at the holligram
back to where time stood still
We'll buy new dreams at the old dream stand
them set them free to square the bill

Meet me where the church once stood
on the dirt road past the open sky
we'll lay down in the poppy fields
and hold hands once more, you and I

Meet me where the spirits dance
the crescent moon will lead the way
stone markers in the darkened woods
Softly, we will hear them say
Hallowed be
Hallowed be
Hallowed be

Meet me in the old north woods
where colored leaves drift to the ground
the whistling wind will sing the song
with silence as the constant sound

Meet me where the night dogs howl
sad and lonely in the dark
singing for a lover lost
calling to the crystal stars
Hallowed be
Hallowed be
Hallowed be

Meet me where the rolling waves
kiss the earth of sand and shore
to tell the tale of men in ships
lost and gone forever more

Meet me in the city streets
Brownstones that were once called home
We'll draw a map of life and times
of past, present and still to come

Meet me where the birds of time
spread their wings to sail the sky
to show us signs of freedom's flight
to mark this place we live and die
Hallowed be
Hallowed be
Hallowed be

Yes, meet me at the holligram
near the corner of 12th and time
We'll sell our dreams to the gypsy girl
Then square our bill yet one more time
Hussein Dekmak Sep 2018
I will meet you out in the place,
Where the moon has touched the lips of the sun with a sweet kiss!

I will meet you out in the place,
Where the dawn has greeted the night with a shining smile!

I will meet you out in the place,
Where darkness and light have united to become one entity!

I will meet you out in the place,
Where the ocean’s waves have caressed the clouds.

I will meet you out in the place,
Where joy has embraced sorrows with open arms.

I will meet you out in the place,
Where silence has cried out, and voices are subdued!

I will meet you out in the place,
Where the raindrops have danced with the snowflakes.

I will meet you out in the place,
Where death has celebrated life by donning the garb of eternity.

I will meet you out in a place
Where our two bodies soar high, becoming one soul with a sweet song and a sacred prayer!

Hussein Dekmak
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019

This poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "किनारों का निश्छल प्रेम " published in anhadkriti (Dec. 2017) Can be read through the link ==>>


Only water streams of the river
meets in the Ocean
The banks of the river
never meets with each other
they always stand face to face
but do not come near

If one comes near sometimes
The other moves far and away
To maintain the Distance
It's not so, that they
do not want to meet

But if they will meet  
The river will not stay
That too will become a pond
Its water will also rot
Its continuous flow will stop

To maintain the existence
Of the free flowing river
For welfare of living beings
For quenching their thirst
Its very very important
the banks should never meet

The truth is that they are one
even if they are not able to meet
What is life? Life is love
What is love, it's Sacrifice
Without sacrifice, love is lifeless

The banks have completely understood
the essence and decided their destiny
that they shall never ever meet
For the welfare of the world
Its essential, important and mandatory

Banks are disciplined
By their own self-discipline
If the river also follows discipline
Inspired by the discipline of banks
Its beauty gradually increases
Peoples bow and pray to the river
With great respect and devotion

But whenever water streams of river
Encroaches the boundary of the banks
they are criticized and reprimanded
As it betrays the love
betrays the sacrifice
betrays the benevolence of the banks

by completely forgetting and
tarnishing the efforts of banks
And Take away with them
Hundreds of homes
And finally earn disrespect

Well, the existence of the edges
is also because of the water stream
If the edges meet with each other
They will lose their own identity

So, this subtle concept needs to be
Understood clearly and deeply
'Devotion persists only uptill the
desires remain un-fulfilled'
If one is able to see the God

and gets his desire fulfilled, then
the devotee ceases to be a devotee
his devotion disappears immediately
and he often gets angry with God

So the Banks of river
always pray to god
'Our love should remain forever
But like parallel lines
We should never meet each other

Because of us the river must exist
Water streams must stay forever
And remain as a medium
for communicating our love
towards each other'

Such guileless love of the banks
Where else on earth can be seen?
God also salutes their true love
I wish their love should remain alive

It's not always like -
that the shores never meet
Yes, two banks of same river
Do not meet with each other
But a bank of a river
Sometimes manages to meet
with the bank of another river

Because in such case there is
absolutely no fear of
the water streams getting stagnant
The water stream of two rivers
joins with each other
and is called 'confluence'
Its importance increases
Its respect also increases

If one bank of first river meets
another bank of second river
then the second bank of the first river
never minds at all
and never ever gets sad
Its love remains constant as it was

unconditional and unbiased
Moment moment every moment
Second second every second
Let's bow before such
True and unconditional love
Hundred and Thousand Times
True Love Everywhere. Lets Feel It

You are the sparkle of my eyes
You bring the twinkle in my eyes
But you are so far away from me
And I keep on calling your name within
Day and night, morning and evening
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

In my heart, only your 'heart' beats
There are thousand messages
In my heart for you
Come and read them one day
My words just sing your songs
I recite your praise in my poems
I've been madly displaying my LOVE
To this world, who stand around
To watch the spectacle of my madness
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

Oh my secret BELOVEDz
Where are you dear?
Just give me a sign or signal
I'll appear before YOU
LOVE has waited a life-time inside YOU
Just look into my eyes,
My LOVE is always there inside you
Just feel my LOVE through your senses
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

Sometimes YOU come silently
Like a thief, every night
YOU wake me up in the middle of the night
And disappear into the dark illuminating light
I fumble and walk around just to find
Your scent around me floating everywhere
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

My LOVE is ripe, my LOVE is here
Where else you are going away from me?
You burn me - my heart, my body and my soul
In the fiery longing of my desires
Now come and meet me secretly - again
And let nobody know about our LOVE
Let them not be jealous of our LOVE
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

The celebration of our LOVE is so unique
There are two lovers, but we don't meet
We unite just by our longings
Just in our dreams we become ONE
We search for each other
with the light of our heart
Igniting our souls
Both are waiting on the paths of LOVE
You believe it or not
We stand on the same path of LOVE
Waiting for each other
Let the roads of our LOVE meet
The hope is you will come back to me
And one day we will meet

— The End —