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Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
If you want to know
What you meant to me?

Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibe Calculation
Yanamari Jul 2019
I never knew how many goodbyes
I'd said
Before you became distant
My friend
And looking from the distance
That has been built between
I feel a void present.

Your lack of response was a sign.
A game of checkers to bid the time.
However you can only play with two
And I...
Have always been one
And alone.

And yet you begin to replicate yourself,
Until I see you in many
Different yet the same.
Your eyes distant
Your smile not yet expressed with
All of your heart.
It's no surprise that
This wall is here.
Thank you for your time.

I don't want to look upon you from a
Distance so far.
The void can be discarded.
And yet you stand there
And my thumbs hover over you;
Not yet registering
What my mind speaks.

Can I really say
were once a friend?
An acqu~~~~~~~~
Just like most.

And am I my own acqu~~~~~~~~?

What use is the hand that reaches out
Stroking frozen walls and
Directing my gaze
Pers Ref. EMEng&FBXRep. How many voids have combined to create this rift in my heart?
j May 2019
Half of the Summer,
You were not around
Maybe I'm waiting for a thunder,
Perhaps a sign that you're home bound.

Days without you are dry as dust
I had a hard time to adjust
Thousands of "I miss you" were sent
Honey, I really miss your sweet scent.

Even if you're away,
My soul belongs to you.
I'll meet you 4pm at the bay,
And together let's watch the sky change its hue.

--Jeannery A.

Summer sounds good when I'm with you, but you're not around. I'll wait for you, love. You'll be home, soon.
Colm Mar 2019
The love of my life doesn't mean
Heart and soul
It means choose and choice
Part and whole
Mean, Doesn't Mean
Colm Feb 2019
It can pierce a veil of darkness
Unravel like the extension of an arm
And seep, deep into folds of the extreme
Coloring the simple walls of where we've already been
And in your eyes I can see it still
Like the warming sentiments of summer
As the winter ground reflects it all around
Because inside is where the light bends
And without break it begins a sound
Did you ever notice? The way light means more than it did all day long.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Now that I know what
This means you can't do it to
My brain anymore
It is a psychological manipulation tactic where an 'abuser' makes intended 'victim' think they are crazy so they inherently cannot trust their own judgement/instinct. Pretty ****** up right? Don't let people do this to you!! It's common in physically and mentally abusive relationships! Yes there is such a thing as mentally abusive. Sometimes it's even worse than physical and this is coming from someone with experience with both..
Elizabeth Zenk Feb 2019
If immortality is granted
that shall be the day I die.

For if living has no finish line,
why must I run at all?
Taylor - Sweety Jan 2019
When I say I like him means,
despite my fear of heights,
I will fall for him blindfolded from any height

When I say I like him means,
Though I hate goat cheese,
I would eat it just to spend my time with him at the dining

When I say I like him means,
Despite my fright of speed
I would sit in a race car with him

When I say I like him means,
Though I am scared of darkness
I would walk miles at night just to have a glimpse of him

When I say I like him means,
Despite my impatience
I would wait for days, for him to text back, Because I know how busy he is

When I say I like him means
If he says his favorite color is blue
My wardrobe will change till every color of my dress matches to his taste

When I say I like him means
I look at his pictures 1000 times
And search for that glimpse of his fondness

When I say I like him means
I would go over his text messages over and over
To picture his mood in my head,  when he sent me those messages and for that one word where he might have confessed that he likes me too
A Simillacrum Jan 2019
Accept the flaws in myself,
lasso the breadth
of my errors
with no regret.

I believe there's a switch
where the matter
lives in a state
of yes or no.

Commit to the wind in word,
I won't wrestle
control from
anyone but me,
and my worst self.

Empathy on high,
Sympathy on low,
Compassion on,
for transparency.
Compassion off,
for sympathy play.

I am not a means,
I am a world.

My worth
is not measured
in the weight
of my faith in
and the care I take
of others.
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