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Francie Lynch May 2015
We draw them in sand,
On sidewalks and crime scenes;
We adore them on Granny,
Abhor them on maps.
On chalkboards, I will not...
In Clubs, Don't I know you...
In poems we can hear them
Playing songs of I love you...
A line is infinite,
Yet begins with a dot;
Those lines run right through us,
Like it or not.
Mr X Jan 2015
Being born of kings
Doesn't mean you've got to be a king as well.
You can be much better or much worse.
Whatever seems good to you.

Its your life.
Live by your own wishes
And live it king sized...
Even if not as THE king.


Not everyone wants to be the 'king' as the world defines it.
Sometimes they just want to be a king who can rule their own life.
I know who I am,
But not who or what I was.
Why can't I recall?
Nothing too fancy; just a quick haiku reflecting my thoughts regarding ancestry and reincarnation. I find myself asking this question at least once a month.


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude

— The End —