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William de klerk Mar 2018
You’ve mastered the act
You’ve turned off emotions
Now everything’s black

I am truly sorry
I slowly grow colder
It’s always my fault
She breaks when I hold her

He’s bitter and angry
There’s pain in his eyes
He bleeds from his struggle
His will slowly dies

There’s things I’ve done
The things I regret
The problems I caused
I won’t easily forget

But i’M nowhere near perfect
And neither are you
Let’s all hurt each other
I’ve lost you two

It’s easy to blame yourself when you think you weren’t good enough to save other people. At first I placed that burden on myself , but when I failed, I never stood back up. That’s what I regret. I lost two friends , that I won’t forget. I really miss them.
William de klerk Mar 2018
my mind is a chaotic maze
guarded by confusion.
Lost in the labyrinth.

it’s too dark
i can’t see.
i’m trapped in this sick
sick place.

Sanity is slipping.
Thoughts that haunt me slide
into my unconscious mind.

i havnt slept in days

someone, anyone
pull me from the edge.
i stare into the abyss
ready to jump.

i’m being chased
by the demons in
my mind.
They torture, torment
and tease by dangling my sanity
by a Thin
Thin thread.

my mind is
recklessly running ‘round rampant.
and swiftly shifting sideways
then twisting, turning and tilting
like a convulsing snake

The voices in my head scream
So loud
They block my calls for help.

Will i ever escape?
                                                      i’m­ so lost
no one is looking
i’m right in front of you
am still Lost

Being plagued by dark thoughts that arnt yours feels like being trapped in a black cell in your mind. You can’t escape but your lost and can’t find your way back. You feel so alone.
William de klerk Mar 2018
With  a stuttering shacking hand
that is also my voice
I write in absolute silence, my voice is
We think of thoughts so deep
We never stop sinking...
A pen
becomes a paddle , and a book a boat.
And I write myself away
Over a an ocean of thought

So I don’t drown...

It’s easy to dig to deep into thought and lose the beauty around you. Your thoughts can consume you and burden you , but if we write we can escape.
William de klerk Mar 2018
A black mind is an infectious shadow.
It creeps and crawls to cover the light.
You suffocate
because nothing grows in the dark.

Your broken black heart spreads
Like the disease it is.
Your presence is cold
and your heart is full of rot.

No light illuminates your endless dark pit
That consumes everything
Eternally empty
You fall in but limp and crawl out

THESE people are just a void
THEY take and use
So do go, go into the light
Where you can see what they are

We all need to recognize the void in people can’t always be filled. Don’t fall in or become consumed. Broken hearts break others , don’t let that be YOU.
William de klerk Mar 2018
Inconsistent shifting sand
burns beneath my feet.
I don’t know where I stand
surrounded by miles of desert.

Only walking on the surface
where everything is the same.
Only the oasis lets me

but we are a scorching sun
That evaporates
Making us too scared to
Too scared to

We harden and bake the topsoil.
No wonder we can’t dig deeper
to the water beneath

we are all dying of thirst.

Today people are too scared to be personal , nobody wants to have anything genuine. Artificial and superficial motives and intentions are all that’s left .people can be fake and change there personality. Things constantly shift and change

— The End —