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crybaby Aug 2022
When you lay at night, I know you think of me. I know this because I think of you too
Or am I delusional?
Is the way you look at me fraud?
Do your eyes lie?
U know my truth, but yours is so hard to know
Your mask is frightening but natural and real-looking that I’m starting to believe I only thought it was in fact a mask
Is this a ball? Since we both know I wear a mask too
I explain mine to you though, why I wear it
but you stay silent and I stay confused
If you don’t truly love me, I should go
If it really is just a party, and this is not just a mask, I’ll remove mine  
If you don’t think of me at night or in the morning, if the way you look at me is fraud, if your eyes lie, then I’ll stop my front
But if you do, I’ll glue my mask on until we can finally reveal our faces and dance.
crybaby Nov 2020
I want to be
Like the stars
So far away
crybaby Nov 2020
when his uncle died
a piece of him died too
he faded away with his soul
I pray he will be whole
I pray he finds a new guide
unfortunately, this is the result of a homicide
crybaby Nov 2020
Are we living to be sad?
all ive ever felt lately, was mad
im losing touch
and I don't have much
I have enough money
yet I am still poor
I can't do this anymore
crybaby Nov 2020
spin the barrel
this is not a Christmas carol
I think that's one, let me shoot
let me take his life
he has nothing to lose, he has no wife
he's just a foe, that I must execute
crybaby May 2020
pierced, my eyes wonder
falling to sleep is now a blunder
as evil comes closer, I struggle to scream
I pray that it's all just a dream

upon mobility I will be forgiving
these hallucinations are hidden
in a place in which the living
should be forever forbidden

while illusions roam at night
I repeatedly dread my lack of a fight  
losing sleep in fear
whatever is in the dark is near
crybaby May 2020
to share personal art we all unite
we are unseen, nevertheless understood
we pour our love, fears, desires and fights
in a distinctive manner only one could
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