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Ed C Apr 12
The bridge between hell and home
its long, and always has no sun
the hell of looking down and the wind
the gravity pulls your gaze
there is a liar in the calm sounds
of the waves calling me to come to bed
sometimes bridges are triggering
Annie Apr 3
I’m drifting away
Like sunshine on a bay
Every day
Every day

You see me
But you’re still standing afar
How could you
Let me fall

The city’s cold
And silent
Yet you’re gone
And I’m lost

Do you ever
Think of unknown

Lust is a shame
But so is love
And so is everything else

Sailing all alone
To another dimension
I’ll rescue
The woman I drowned
Part 1.
Max Feb 7
Memories trying to survive.

But you know what?
I don't need them no more.
People left me, and now I do the same with the memories I had with them. I leave them to rot.
Stygian Feb 7
we used to Sit together at lunch.
we played in the park together after school.
you used to grab my shoUlder at night.
you dance In my dreams.
you clapped when i Cried at night.
trying to fight the Intrusive thoughts.
you keep trying to Decide my fate.
mAde sure you were safe in the depths of my mind.
but my choice has always been to Live.

the last thing they leave is a LETTER
inspired by billie eillish new song "bury a friend"
Sam Jan 21
I lurk outside the syndicate
roaming it's vast walls
I wish to be apart
yet, I remain feral at heart
I crave the attention those  who lay within
those who pick their flowers
who sing in their choirs

I yearn so deeply to belong
but found myself
running with the wolves
howling at the moon

The lost children
forsaken at the gate
we found a place our own
under the starlight

Prancing in forests
chasing mountaintops
we are together
we are whole
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
This time won't so rely,
Hopefully won't much cry.
Enough with asking for love and care.. for how long youth like me will live in pathetic way. Now is the time I learn to LOVE MYSELF
Emma Rose Dec 2018
An independent woman is viewed as a disease
How dare I not need a man to depend on.
How dare I speak my opinion loud and proud.
Where did I gain so much confidence
Considering this society sends ads to attack my opinion of myself
And make me understand my place is to be small

As an independent woman
I understand my power when it comes to other woman
I can be a hand to help lift them up
Show them that we do exist
And to help them out when the men talk over her or mansplain her

However heed my warning
Men are ****** when we show our dominance
They call us *****
They laugh when we make simple mistakes
Because they’ve been taught
Boys will be boys
But women, must hold their tongues

~Emma Rose
clementine Dec 2018
you live in a toxic place
where people plant toxic things in your mind.
you think youre ****
you think youre nothing
you think youre not enough
you think no one will ever love you.
dont let them control you, youre worth the million stars in the sky
you have the right to be here.
be blessed
be happy
be who you are and not let society tell you what to do.
dont let them corrupt your beautiful mind.
Oh baby,
i will kiss hug and love
yours. x
dont let anyone destroy you. x
Samantha Nov 2018
Why are teenage boys so aggressive?
I can take care of myself, thank you.

Do they think violence is impressive?
I can fight my own battles, thank you.

Are they trying to be protective?
I don't need a bodyguard, thank you.

Are they all so very possessive?
I don't belong to anyone, thank you.
As a woman, I don't need my boyfriend's help to make me feel incapable, society helps all us women plenty on that front. I've had enough.
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