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Jessica Head Apr 29
Living in all these hotels sincen 2023 Christmas eve
Makes me hate men.
Like seriously men **** their children & sometimes I hear women getting beat up. Like ***.
This one time I was was tweaking real bad but I know this was foreal this guy on the floor above our room. He beat up his gf and ***** that kid infront of her. And. Like it happened every day. That kid was crying and when room service came by he ******* that child kept he/she fukkn quiet in the bathroom.
What the **** is wrong with sick men.
I know I tweak alot but I kno it's for real **** that's going on.
Most of the time I am on one and tweaking, chilling in the bathroom all fukn night most times half the time. I hardly get outside. I'm always with myself N MY babies. I look out for my children alot. And have cameras almost in every corner in my bedrooms everywhere I went to make sure they don't open the doors and don't get touched.
Some days when **** gets to me.
Jessica Head Sep 2023
May I get more FOLLOWERS. Please,
I've been on this poetry club
And I only got 99 of them.
That's a laugh!!!!
Jessica Head Sep 2021
You are selfish
Don't be expecting to get my babies from me.
You accused me for years.
Yet you still act so innocent.
Grown *** man
Can't be an adult
Has to put everything on reverse
Put every little lie on me.
I'm pretty sure every one knows you
And you do that to me.
Everyone knows you.
I don't have to tell anyone
Cause they already know
You lied to my face.
When i seen you cheating.
You come back inside throwing me around.
Almost beating me up.
Cause I caught you.
You still denied the two little boys we have together.
You keep saying
"They're not mine".
So 6 or 7 years going on with this pretend life you wanted.
Babies you say that aren't yours.
I think I'm done here.
He knows I'm pregnant with my 4th. His 3rd biological baby with me.
And he still says it's not his.
So i think I'm done.
Me and my little ones are going to go hide in a shelter somewhere.
You don't deserve us.
Wheres your fukking *****.
I'm sorry i bothered having your babies.
Or whoever babies you think these are.
Only I know.
I'm too honest
I'm too loyal.
No man is going to tie me down.
Or put me 6 feet under.
After this pregnancy
I'm tieing the notts.
No more babies for me.
Because there father doesn't have *****.
All he wants is baby making ***.
He can't even admit these are his babies he has with me.
But whatever.
Go live a lie by yourself.
Jessica Head May 2021
10 years to be exact
I've been on this on website.
That's a long time.
I thought I would've been famous by now
I'm not all that good at poetry.
Or writing.
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