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lila Feb 21
mon ange,
what a lovely collection of paradoxes
darling, you’re absolutely celestial

kisses imitate the taste of fresh vanilla
and those eyes
twinkling divinely
as deep as the galaxies
in which they reside

your voice is heavenly
like waves crashing on moonlit shores
and that laugh
i swear it sounds just like
a light bell chiming
music to my ears

your graces blinding rays
shine their golden light
upon sun kissed cheeks

mon ange,
you are a symphony to my senses
Crimsyy Oct 2016
The corners of my mind
are filled with new life,
Where gunfire and silence intertwine
and happiness crawls on a knife.

Please, please
take a step inside,
witness the frozen breeze
of the monsters I've mummified.

You will find no easy path,
my mind is a complicated maze,
either peace or utter wrath
mixed with a hurricane to glaze
me as I bathe in the ash
of my self doubt blaze.

Title is French...have fun figuring it out
muahahaha.. thankyou to Kitty Ting -
**Our conversation inspired this poem.

— The End —