Journey of Days Nov 2017

...and the party continues
a conga line of ants
balance crumbs at jaunty angles
drunken cocktail waitresses
taking the scenic route across the kitchen bench
around the cooktop
skirting the kitchen sink where the spider and fly detente appears to continue
over the countertop
carefully avoiding the cockroaches playing five card draw
…. to the crack next to the door


summer in Sydney means the bugs move in
you can wipe spray clean vacuum
and they will all be back partying in your house again
the very next day
Rianna Mar 2017

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

Julia Mae Dec 2016

because there was no one else
and i can't even help myself

Unnoticed Notes Apr 2016

I feel as though I'm looking for an anwser to a question I dont even know..  
Everything kinda feels pointless when you dont know what you want..
Even if I had what I wanted would I be happy?..
This is just a place to write my feelings no one cares to listen to.. yet I find myself speaking words that go unheard. And its the same everywhere.. no one listens to me so why talk?

Thinking about just deleting my account because... I am afraid..
Always afraid.. of what? Of everything and im sick of it.
Samantha Hudson Nov 2015

I see my mirror posted on my wall.
I stop and stare at what I see.
I can't fix the mess in front of me.
Eyes swallowed by darkness and a smile that hides my misery.
I try to fathom how this all came to be..

What happened to me?

A life stolen by illness and disability.
Invisible ones that most of the time, you can't see.
I try to hide behind a strong facade.
Deep down inside, I quit.
I'm tired of playing games.

So I hide my thoughts and push them away.
I stand up tall, and push through the day.
But, When no one's looking, to my knees, I pray..

For. Just. One. Day.

A work in progress.

Just random thoughts I haven't ordered.
Junn Jul 2015

I wish you were mine,
Your beauty is divine.
Your personality brightly shines.
Your overall is just so fine.

I just look at the sky, wonder why.
No matter how much I try, You'd probably deny.
I'd always do something awry, You'd just decry.
I wouldn't wanna be shy, but you make me wanna cry.
Even when the tears are dry. I'm not the one you'd rely.
Well, I'm not the tough guy,
Screw the retry,
F*ck those other guys,
I don't need a reply.
I don't need a goodbye.
I'll just go die.

I am perfectly fine okay. Do not ask if I'm alright cause I am fine :)

Like the falling stars
Melting before I reach you
I burn to nothing

I've never written a haiku before.
Hope I did it right.

She can't stop
It's uncontrollable
She just wants to turn it off
She just wants a switch
Turn them off for good
All emotions...
Especially love
For forever
It only causes her pain
Unrequited love
The worst of all
"Friend Zoned"
Backed against the wall
Last attempt
Wasted down the drain
She watches it swirl down
Then drops the knife
Sinking sowly to the ground
No heart + No life
= nothing, empty
and she's finally happy

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