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Maria Land Jun 2020
This is the end of all my love for you, its suffering and hurt what do i do,
Please understand how much i love,
But you never accept just push and shove,
Don't forget me please,
This is the end heres the keys!!!
Maria Land Jan 2019
A few words can turn it on,
A few more can set it off,
Then all my walls are gone,
Open to your scornful scoff,
I'm a challenge not a chore,
Give me some and I want more,
Give me kisses, give me hugs,
You be the ******, I'm the drugs,
It's been so long I need affection,
I can't explain it, you won't understand,
Never on purpose it's always unplanned,
Are you angel, are you from above,
Now ur stuck with my heart, & ur stuck with my love,
So I doubt my heart from time to time,
My mind tells me there's no way you'll be mine,
I'm just always 1 up for disappointment,
I like 2 stay vacant, plus u can't afford rent,
Love makes me happy, but it makes me insane,
Cause if you take my heart then with you remains!!
Maria Land Dec 2018
I'm going on the run,
Watching silos in the sun,
Trying to find a place to hide,
From the evil that's inside,
Cornfields in the landscape,
Less give and more take,
Thoughts they fill my head,
Try to distract them instead,
The woods are dark and barron,
So I just can't stop staring,
Four hours from my home,
I feel so all alone,
Cry myself to sleep,
For the company I keep,
Hope you enjoyed your stay,
I made it through another day!!
#run #love # healing #drugs #hope #poerty
Maria Land Dec 2018
I hope that I'm strong,
Stronger than i know,
And if you have to leave,
Then i wish you'd just go,
Please stop this endless nightmare,
Just tear the bandaid off,
My hearts too good for your tourture,
Too beautiful for your scoff,
Please help me do this God,
Help him along his way,
Take away these bad days,
Take away all this grey,
Soon i will rise, soon i will smile,
And when your plans fall apart,
Know we can't reconcile,
Its over today time to heal this broken heart,
Now i accept to put things together,
All these thing must fall apart!
Maria Land Oct 2018
I crack, i wither, i wilt, i cave,
Cant escape this love im a slave,
Keep your distance, im broken,
All words remain unspoken,
Can i make it back to Summer?
Maria Land Oct 2018
So I tried everything you asked,
I tried so hard I don't think I've ever tried this hard in my whole life,
I don't think I'm ever going to make it to where you want me, and I don't think it's fair that you only love me if I climb there,
At what point do I give up and accept that you're just an evil person?
Maria Land Oct 2018
I once thought you were the Sunshine post rain,
And I tried every day to be for you the same,
You were lost when I found you, I think you're lost still,
I wish that you felt the kind of love that I feel,
Take off your costume, take off your mask,
Show me the real you is all that I ask,
My heart would rejoice when you made my phone ring,
Now when you call all my heart does is sting,
You took my pretty heart, you took my pretty face,
All you left is pretty hurt, what a pretty waste,
Now to escape this maze I engineered inside me,
But my architecture is flawless, there are no exits to see,
I patiently wait for you to unlock this door,
I Surrender, I give up, you have won this war,
If you release me, if you set me free,
Just know all along I loved you completely!
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