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Journey of Days Dec 2019
when it is quiet
deep quiet
what do you hear?
Journey of Days Jul 2018
listened for long enough
the story
you tell
is old

  Jul 2018 Journey of Days
Pagan Paul
Take a peek inside his poems
if you really want to know him.
He hides himself deep, immersed
a tiny piece in every verse.

Take a peek and take your time
savour the moment of every line.
Relish the thought of what lies there
and appreciate his soul laid bare.

© Pagan Paul (31/08/16)
Journey of Days Jun 2018
pushed into contested spaces
thoughts voided
made voiceless
become missing

Journey of Days May 2018
I could get lost in this
nobody would know

Journey of Days May 2018
not seen
shadow waves
breaking across me
                   still missing

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