Rianna Oct 2017

"What happened to you?"
You ask me when you come back. "You're so Different now."

You took my essence, my fire, and my soul when you left and you tried to place them into someone else, but they didn't fit. Now you stand before me, and you dare ask me what happened? How could you?

"Life." I simply answer. "I grew up."

Probably gonna delete this.
  Jul 2017 Rianna
Hadiy Syakir

Why would I turn back
and smile,

if you left me out in the cold,
lost in the wild.

Rianna Jul 2017

Sometimes it's heartbreaking
to look the woman
who gave me life
in the eye,
because I don't want this life

Getting personal
Rianna Jul 2017

i'm your weakness,
your own personal drug.
I'm your high,
You're my low.

Probs gonna delete
Rianna May 2017

I want to go home
but I am home.
I'm homesick
for a home I don't have
and it's the scariest and
saddest feeling yet.

Rianna May 2017

Our hands,
they tangle as if
in prayer in
the religion that is
our love.

I don't know if I'll keep this or delete this
Rianna Apr 2017

I have become my nightmare,
the girl who always hid in
the far depths of my mind,
tangled in weeds with terror
surrounding her,
There was always a curious chaos
about her that I both yearned and feared,
I will become the beauty of the mess,
and my soul with tangle with hers like art.
I am my own nightmare
and I will embrace it.

I'm probably going to delete this
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