Quortni Moore  Sep 2012
Hiding .
Quortni Moore Sep 2012

Hiding behind my smile.
Hiding  behind the sparkle in my eyes.
Hiding behind who I am inside.
Hiding behind the tears I cry.
Hiding behind one big lie.

Hiding from the voices in my head.
Hiding from the blood I've shed.
Hiding from the pain I've caused.
Hiding from all my flaws.

Hiding all the scars I've made.
Hiding all my razor blades.
Hiding all my feelings still.
Hiding what i wish wasn't real.

Deep down I can see the real me,
that's all covered up by this scarred body.

One day I won't have to hide who I am,
I will come out from my mind, be proud of who I am.

Life is like a big game of Hide and Seek, but he who hides too well is never found.
Who cares anyway  Nov 2014
Who cares anyway Nov 2014

All I do is hide
Until you appear
Stand up with pride
Don't dare to shed a tear

"She's so much better than you,"
I throw up dinner
"You're obviously not going to medical school..."
At least I'm thinner

"Stop being so annoying!"
Turn to the blade
"Such a disappointment..."
I'm starting to fade

I find the comfort in these things
That you could not provide
Was it really that hard?
I don't know, all I do is hide

Mark Grover  Oct 2012
Mark Grover Oct 2012

a broken child hides
in the dark corners
of a very large man

For so long I've ran from.
Fear and hiding.
Hiding and fear.
To embrace is to conquer.
These are mine.
My mid winter wolves.

Rachel Cloud  Aug 2013
Rachel Cloud Aug 2013

I write of pain
and suffering
and loss
but why?

I place myself
in the shoes
of my thoughts
my secrets
my friends
I'm cruel to them
but why?

real people,
ask me what's wrong
"What happened"
"Why so sad?"
but it's never that simple

Nothing happened
I haven't let it
I'm too busy

Esther  Mar 2016
Esther Mar 2016

the words hide between the lines
i can't see
none will appear, none
will grace the page
only splatter red paint
onto the bloody canvas—
where i have bled out my soul, my heart,
my flesh and bone—

and for what?

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