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the moon is hiding in
her hair.
of heaven
full of all dreams,
draws down.

cover her briefness in singing
close her with the intricate faint birds
by daisies and twilights
Deepen her,

upon her
the rain’s

pearls singly-whispering.

Teenage Mess  Sep 2014
Teenage Mess Sep 2014

Princess in your tower, won't you please come down?
I know your hiding, afraid of the world but I promise to protect you.

oh my stars  May 2015
oh my stars May 2015

She doesn't care where she ends up.
She just keeps on going.
Hiding away until she reaches
What she came for.
A smile plastered to her worn face,
Hiding the pain
Of growing up too fast.
More mature than her age.
Her laugh hides an injured soul,
Within her eyes
A sense of longing.
Terrible beauty
Deep within her

Craig Harrison  Dec 2014
Craig Harrison Dec 2014

Tears running down my cheek
pain that can not be seen
hiding the truth
hiding my fears
hiding everything that you can not see

you never play over the good memories
your mind tells you none exist
just the bad, the ones that make you sad.
Tears running down my cheek
as I hide the truth
and hide my fears

You see the time, but no motivation
nothing pushing to get you up
nothing pushing you to do anything
it's comfortable, it's warm, it's the last remaining place where good things happen
we see the time and decide to hide
hide away in our beds
hide away in our dreams

Nothings wrong becomes your default response
but deep down you know you need help
but at the surface you convince yourself you are strong
strong enough to win a battle that you are in fact losing
so you hide
you hide the truth
your fears
all while tears run down your cheek

If you or someone you know suffers from depression, please seek professional help.
Purple Rain Nov 2015

These feelings & emotions
Feel as if they are Infused inside,
A depressed state of mind  
Discovering myself is the hardest rhyme,
I drown in every hide tide
Never able to win
Restraining the pain within
My blood drys thin
Noise mutters from the hells next door
Waves crashing at the shore
Of my brittle skin
Crying on the edges of hell  
A heart that can't mend
Handling what I can't hold in
I swallow down my sins

Toni  Sep 2014
Toni Sep 2014

I am a dragon
Majestic and glorious
hiding in a cave

Storm Raven  Jul 2015
The dark
Storm Raven Jul 2015

Many people fear the dark,

But there is nothing out there

Nothing to be afraid of

The darkness is safe

For as in the darkness you don't have to hide

You don't have to lie

For there are no judging eyes

Jonah Long  Feb 2016
The Mask
Jonah Long Feb 2016

They love the mask, but I can't breath through it's lies
They love the mask, but I can't see through it's eyes
They love the mask, but I can't speak with it's tongue
They love the mask, but I can't hear when it's on

Anshuman sharma Feb 2015

A thought here another there
My mind a playground of despair
Gloomy dark smitten by fear
How do I change it all and show some care

A soul I know, hiding behind a dark veil
Frail feeble yearning for care
A thought here another there
There is more to my soul,wish I was aware.

Zoe R Codd  Jul 2014
In Hiding
Zoe R Codd Jul 2014

Sometimes I feel as if
You have something to say;
Like it is on the tip of your tongue...
But you push it away,
And swallow those words
That would create sentences,
Which would develop paragraphs
That would have meaning.
Those significant phrases-
Shunned and Lost,
Deep into the depths
Of your conscience.
I do realize that this
May seem like over-analyzation,
But I see a glimmer in your eye
That deserves to turn into

NMarieL  Feb 2015
NMarieL Feb 2015

You knew me once as someone else,
she needed to take a break.
Life was hitting her a bit to hard,
So this is for her own sake.

A shell she now has,
tough as steel and rock.
No feelings shall hurt her,
no more will they mock.

She cared way to much,
and loved way to hard.
Her heart was always breaking,
Forever torn and scarred.

Nothing can touch her now,
I am blocking the way.
She is gone into hiding,
and I am here to stay.

Molly Pendleton  Feb 2012
Molly Pendleton Feb 2012

He is trapped within
A gruesome ugly shell
That hides his inner
Beauty; makes life hell

She is concealing
Inside a sleek skin
It’s too small and hides
Brains; she is worn thin

Quortni Moore  Sep 2012
Hiding .
Quortni Moore Sep 2012

Hiding behind my smile.
Hiding  behind the sparkle in my eyes.
Hiding behind who I am inside.
Hiding behind the tears I cry.
Hiding behind one big lie.

Hiding from the voices in my head.
Hiding from the blood I've shed.
Hiding from the pain I've caused.
Hiding from all my flaws.

Hiding all the scars I've made.
Hiding all my razor blades.
Hiding all my feelings still.
Hiding what i wish wasn't real.

Deep down I can see the real me,
that's all covered up by this scarred body.

One day I won't have to hide who I am,
I will come out from my mind, be proud of who I am.

Life is like a big game of Hide and Seek, but he who hides too well is never found.
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