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Angel'Lea Jun 2019
In my life I've made numerous mistakes
But mistakes you can often forget
With you my intentions were purposeful
My heart to you I lent
My thoughts solely composed of you
My time on you poorly spent
Indulging in your poison
Your toxicity, a paralyzing cement
If loving you were a simple mistake
The pain I could soon forget
Falling in love with you made me a fool
A sin I've tried to repeatedly repent
I've committed countless wrongs
To my redemption I owe my debt
For in my life I've made many mistakes
But with you I made many regrets
Angel'Lea May 2019
Right off the top
Here are my thoughts
They are as fresh to me
As they are to you

They are revealing themselves to me
As I write them to you
So here it goes
The raw unspoken truth

I have fallen short in my days
Repeat offender, I have greatly sinned

I have suppressed my darkest secrets
Secrets that rot within

I have blamed others for my pain
Pain that I was owed by my friend Karma

Pain that I was built to endure
Pain that I wore like shiny, heavy armor

I fought and battled with depression
Depression that almost did me in

I fell out of love with myself
Fell into lust and sin

I gave my all to another being
Depleted and reduced myself to nothing

I gave myself to those undeserving
Confusing lusting with loving

I prided myself on my success
But never acknowledged my God given purpose

I refueled my emptiness with ***
You can touch me here, but my heart, can't touch this

But here I am at the cross roads
My soul torn between who I am
Who I want to be
And who I was meant to

Each path requires me to make decisions
Continue on towards destruction
Turn towards what I want and away from God's will
Or acknowledge my purpose and change my mental

I believe in this very moment I have decided
By acknowledging my faults
I am already working towards the better

For the world, I have published my truth
I am working towards redemption
Letter by letter

Now that we have arrived at my rebirth
Blessings upon me, God will bestow

For I have unblocked my energy and cleansed my soul
For through my poetic vessel, God's glory can now flow
Angel'Lea Apr 2019
Inevitably fading

The memories of you

of us

of then

There is no now

But there are memories

Beautiful times

Times when you made me smile

Time when I laughed until I could barely breath

Times when I couldn't see past you

There was only you

I could only see


Times when your smell was comforting



Times when I couldn't share a space with you

without butterflies

without feeling a sense of home

You were my home

You were


Now all we have to share

are memories

Our love

is no longer shared in our union

Or carried in our hearts

The spirit of what was

remains within the memories

that like all things

will eventually


Angel'Lea Mar 2019
I would sacrifice my sin
If it meant saving your soul
Angel'Lea Mar 2019
Natural filters
Sunshine and heat waves
Sweat caressing my face
Body reposed upon the sand
Waves kissing my toes
Sun tickling my cheeks
Hugging the warmth of the sun
Birds whispering God’s graces
The wind carrying promises of his mercy
My hair free of gravity’s reign
My strands exchanging words with the breeze
My arms resting weightless
My eye lids submissive to the sun’s rays
My heart syncing to Earth’s rhythm
With every beat I become more connected
My ears deafened to the horrors of your attacks
Only nature’s symphonies whistle through
Forgive my ignorance of your position
I am no longer mentally bound to you
Forgive me for my numbness to your anger
I no longer relinquish energy in this space
I have escaped the torment of this chamber
I have nestled upon the peace in my happy place
Angel'Lea Mar 2019
My Summer time dream

Let's do Summer time things

Take me out for ice cream

Watch it drip down my seams

Let's have Summer time fun

Bathe in Summer time sun

Let's have Summer time drinks

Staying up while the Summer sun sinks

Let's watch the Summer sun set

Let's make Summer fun bets

You lose you buy a Summer rose

If I  lose I lose my Summer time clothes

Let's see Summer time scenes

Make love under Summer time beams

Let's make Summer time plans

Let's have a Summer romance

Let's make Summer time goals

Taking Summer trips on the road

Let's tell Summer time secrets

Sitting around the Summer night fire pits

Let's share a Summer time kiss

Let's live in Summer time bliss

Let's plan for future Summer times

Drinking iced tea under Summer sunshine

Let's make our Summer time scheme

Hotter than Summer time steam

Let's make the Summer time dream

Last longer than the Summer time seems

Let me wear you like Summer time bling

But only for the Summer time King

Soon we'll fall back on Summer time dreams

Till' then enjoy our Summer time fling
Angel'Lea Mar 2019
Power and energy
looking at you, is what I see
I can feel your aura around me
when we share the same space

Your aroma soothes me
It appeases my senses
makes me crave you
wanting you to make me whole

I am full within my own system
My universe comprised of my own wonders
Yet your light beams bright
even when the darkness is suffocating

I can feel you more than just as a presence
Your existence is dominant
I want to consume its essence

Join beings with me
Allow me to enter your atmosphere
My desires refuse the distraction of your flesh
Your vessel is all but oxygenated atoms
harboring energy
releasing voltages in bounty

Relinquish your electricity within me
Let me feel your currents as they flow

Collide forces with me
Creating a new galaxy

Arriving at our apotheosis
Existing infinitely
carrying out the act of creation
we have reached our highest potential
Our primal grounds for existence

Joining life forces to birth another
Can you even fathom the power we posses?
Surging powers of light
energies passing through space
Manipulating time
Creating life

We are pure in nature
While gravity keeps us grounded
our energy flow is limitless

We must live beyond our exteriors
For sin has contaminated its cells
Creating a dimming effect
Forcing us to see ourselves only as flesh
We are more than that reduction

Power and infinite capabilities are ours to hone
We are made one through our expression
Our artistic creation
Our charging energies
Existing in a universe of our own

— The End —