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Camila Nov 2013
He was fire,
she was rain.
He was warm, he could burn her,
she would flood his thoughts anytime.
Anger made him burst,
she gently washed his flames away.
Akemi Jul 2013
Finite space within the palms
Of two celestial halves
They brought their hands together and cursed our eyes, and mouths, and hearts
Imaged us in self-belief
Perfection in the unity
Of lesser mortals, incomplete, forever searching for the second piece

She paced the gaps
Spun and leapt
A half circle
Slipping through the cracks
An arc entwined
The empty divide
Too short to reach
His side

Incomplete in death as in life

He tied a tongue around
To make a noose of himself
So when the noise finally died down he’d found himself within a crowd
Laughed the loudest at the end
With no breath at all
Attention at the precipice, from misfit hearts. A lifetime gone
11:12pm, July 10th 2013

Unrequited love.

— The End —