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Boris-Bryce Oct 2020
let me be your moon
i will shine for you
all you have to do is gaze at me
Boris-Bryce Sep 2020
If only I could see what others see in me then I would believe, but I can't. If marrying death ment rest, then I do.
Boris-Bryce Aug 2020
I hope what ever is at the end of the tunnel is worth it.
Boris-Bryce Aug 2020
If I meant the slightest bit to you, you wouldn't let me let you go.
Boris-Bryce Aug 2020
I don't care if the sun stops shining as long as you illuminate my world.
Boris-Bryce Jul 2020
I want you here with me forever, I know forever is a long time but it's okay if I can spend it with you.
Boris-Bryce Jul 2020
I would travel the whole world on foot, if you were waiting for me at the end of it.
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